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just installed nvidia 6.70 drivers and included the nam installation. I have the nv firewall active on the nvidia ethernet and window firewall on everything else. It seems that the nv firewall is only active when an adminstator is logged on. Anyone else that is not an administrator, I don't see the nvidia firewall symbol on the task bar and the nTrayfw.exe is not under processes in the windows task manager. This leads me to believe that nv firewall is not active. When I make the non admin users admin the firewall symbol appears. What can I do to make the firewall active, besides making everyone on my computer admin. I have epox EP-9NPA+Ultra mb, AMD64 3500+ with 2gig of memory running WinXP Pro SP2. Please help.
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  1. You might want to check and see if the application can be installed as a windows process.

    Might not help... not a windows fan. The only windows I like are the ones on my house.
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