Can't seem to download anything...please help!

Just recently I had a problem where my connection was "skipping" and eventually someone told me that I had to go to my router settings and enable MTU and then give it a value of 1500. At first it seemed like it worked, but then I started getting disconnected again. So I changed the value to 1480, once again it worked for one day, and the next I was getting disconnected again. It seems like once I change the MTU value, it works...but only for some period of time. Then I have to change it again. What the hell is goin' on? That's not my main problem though. I can deal with having to change my MTU value once a day, but the big problem is that I can't download anything. I've been trying to download Red vs. Blue Episode 17 for the past week now with no success. It'll start downloading, but at one point it just freezes. It'll get to about 60% (one time it got to 83%) and it'll just stop right there and won't finish. This happens with everything I try to download. I have a Linsys router model BEFW11S4. I think I'm going to need help from someone who knows quite a bit about routers. My AIM is ' Se77imo VII ' and my e-mail is ' '. Please help!
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  1. Go to the linksys website and download the latest firmware for your router.

    BE SURE to get the RIGHT firmware for your Router. Revision and device id is on the bottom sticker.

    Doubleclick on the file.
    Enter router IP address and password.
    When flashing is done disconnect the power for 10 seconds and plug it back in.

    You will now need to reset the password,security settings , channel settings,SSID etc.... That are specific to your network.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  2. Holy crap dude! It actually worked...someone's advice actually worked for a change. Thanks so much...I can now go back to downloading porn...err...I didn't say that =) I don't get disconnected from my games or anything anymore! Thanks a bunch.
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