Whats the difference between these PSUs

Hey, I've been looking around newegg and this forum to find what the best mid-range PSU is right now. I saw this on newegg and was wondering what the difference between these two PSUs was, they look like they are made the same but a different name is slapped on.



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  1. Xion and Kingwin? I would prefer to piss on a spark plug than purchase one of those.

    For those prices you can get a quality unit like the OCZ GameXStream 600W for $105 shipped w/ $15 MIR that is much better since that series uses the FSP GLN unit for the OEM manufacturer - much better!
  2. true that! :)
  3. True, if you want a hiper-based modular connectivity then just get the real deal - Hiper Type-R 580W Modular Power Supply - Black $102 shipped @ xoxide

    At least there are some reviews available to gauge good from bad...
  4. One has 1 fan the other has 1 80mm and a 120mm fan in it. Just look up the specs.
  5. I actually had the Hiper from newegg on my checkout when it told me they were out of stock, thats why I went looking around for one like it. I think I'll buy it off xoxide unless someone else can offer a better buy for a E6400 system with a 7900GS and two 320gb hard drives (not a too power demanding system).
  6. Just the color I wanted - black. But its not that big of a deal to buy from xoxide and not newegg, I'm just wondering now if a Hiper Type R is a good PSU or not?
  7. If youre in a tight budget (wich would explain the crappy PSUs) go for Raidmax. They use the same hardware as Antec for a cheaper price.
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