People asking for System Qritiques on day of ordering?

Excuse me if I don't see the logic in such a thing. What point is there to have your mind made up and then ask strangers their opinion on whether or not you should go ahead and order the system with the note of "I'm buying this afternoon"? To me this is just plain dumb. If you've done your homework and are confident in your parts, then there is no reason to ask for advice this late in the game. 90% of the time most people have ordered parts before a viewer can post a reply. The only time this makes since is if one of the following occurs:

a.) You're torn between which platform to use and have laid out both to the T (i.e. want opinions on which has better stability, upgradabitilty, and even minor component adjustments).


b.) You're gonna build in the next month to 6 weeks and want veteran opinions on your system.


c.) You're a noob who wants help with building their first ever PC. This is where veteran help is most required

Come on guys, I know for a fact that if you wanna do it right it's gonna take awhile so that when you build your gonna intersect the tech curve at just the right point as to where you obtain the best value for your budget. It seems to me that several people on these topics always get the latest and greatest as far as a single component goes, but never concentrate on a good overall system build. For example, I've seen several people listing their new system builds or planned builds (on day of purchase of course) on here and most have a C2D CPU. Great CPU but these people don't follow up with the remainder of quality components: VGA, DDR2 PC6400 or greater RAM, HDD's, Optical's, PSU's, you name it beyond a C2D CPU and its probably got no more than 1 good year of life. As you'll see in my sig, I spent 8 months of time and reasearch going from noob to system builder to a very experienced computer person and it shows in the $2000 system I built. I have to say that it is arguably one of the most balanced, well priced, best perfoming systems on this site. Sure my CPU is killer, but so is my VGA, RAM (a steal actually), Sound Card, HDD's, Cooling, and PSU.

If one is to obtain a system of quality, gaming need not be the only thing looked at. Sure that's what one is gonna want it do the best but what if you get a job and it requires say MAYA or AutoCAD and your company gives you a copy of the software to use at home and even though you have a killer CPU or VGA the program slugs through stuff because you cheaped out on the rest of the components and I'm speaking from experience here. At my college, the instructor gives each student a free version of AutoCAD to use so they can do there homework due to lack of lab time. My first symester I brought home the disk and installed it on my now 10 year old Dell and it ran like a charm until I started rendering. Now even though I had a Pentium III and an Nvidia Geforce 256 it still ran slow due to the fact that when my mom bought the system she opted out of the 512mb of RAM and instead got only 128mb.

So I hope everyone out there gleans some info from this and hopefully a better sense of timing as to when to ask for advice on there system build. 8)


My System:

AMD 64 X2 3800+ OC'ed to 2.2 Ghz, BFG 7900 GTX 512 mb OC'ed, ASUS A8N-SLi Deluxe, 2 Gb Kingston Value RAM CAS Latency 2.5-3-3-6, Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 4, Westen Digital 74 Gb Ratop ADFD, 2x Western Digital 250 Gb Caviar SE, 3x Thermaltake Hardcano 14 HDD coolers, Thermaltake Blue Orb II CPU cooler, Zalman VF-Cu 900 Blue LED VGA cooler, Thermaltake Extreme Spirit Northbridge cooler, and a PC Power & Cooling 510w PSU.
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  1. bonus points for original spelling
  2. I love it when they list the links to all the hardware pieces at their favorite online store.

    It'd be better if they listed the hardware stats and benchmark comparisons instead so we wouldn't have to run around grabbing them.

    Maybe a new sticky is needed that gives pages for benchmarking so ppl can price compare bang for buck better.

    I didn't read your whole message cause it was too long and I have ADHD. Wanna ride a bike?
  3. To the optimist the cup is half full,
    To the pessimist the cup is half empty,
    To me, it's just a damn cup............

    Have you any links to a "Currency Conversion Calculator", lol
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