How to find RAM type without opening computer?

is there a way i can get information on my ram without opening my computer?
PC2800? PC3200? etc?
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  1. use aida32 or everest and it will show exactly what type of ram you have
  2. CPU-Z does it doesn't it?
  3. Yeah, CPU-Z shows it.

    Here's the link:
  4. I personally prefer SiSoft Sandra, as it shows the info(Ram, Motherboard, harddrives, ect.) and gives advice on how to optimise the computer.

    It can bew downloaded for free at
  5. SiSoft Sandra if you want something a tad more complex.
  6. Sandra more complex as in, CPU-Z doesn't have to be installed. It's a very nice little app to have all your CPU/chipset/BIOS settings and features in a glimpse. Sandra is more a benchmark suite than anything (it's still nice).
  7. An easier way is to install: CPU-Z
    Software Homepage Link:
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