100/10 throughput router?

I am about to get 100/10 download/upload internet connection and like to get a router that can handle it.
So what I realy would like is a wireless router that have 100mb throughput. I can't find any that give this to me.
This looks like a nice product Netgear WPNT834
I have a netgear rp614 today and it works great but I don't want the router to be the bottleneck in my future net.
Please advise.

Edit: Qos would be nice too :-)
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  1. Hi,

    I was thinking of getting the same router too.

    The product datasheet says:
    "Five 10/100 (1 internet, and 4 LAN) ports equipped with auto-sensing technology"

    ... so looks like it will do the job :D
  2. Just out of curiosity... which provider gives you 100 mb up and 10 mb down???
  3. 100 down and 10 up
    Bredbandsbolaget sweden
    Thay are sending tv and movies and stuff over ip
  4. wow... are they doing fiber to the home ???

    Get a switch with cut through forwarding mode. This is your best chance for wire speed. Of course most do this, so just make sure that the switch provides enough back plane capacity for the number of ports.
  5. Some places have fiber, I have TP from the basement and there is fiber to the basement.
    I would like to have the firewall thing and DHCP and NAT in this to. Like a router.
  6. Yes, the WPNT834 can handle 100Mbps wirespeed routing. See the review here:

    Other products that can do the job are:

    D-Link Wireless 108G Gaming Router (DGL-4300)
    and its wired-only sibling DGL-4100

    Buffalo Technology 125* High Speed Mode Wireless Remote Secure Gateway (WZR-RS-G54)
  7. Here is the response from Netgear.
    If you like a router that handles 100Mbps it's only FVX538 that has a 100Mbs throughput. Wireless its WPNT834 that has a throughput at 65Mbs.

    So it doesn't look great.

    Just read the reviews and it looks better then Netgear says...
  8. Wired connections always have higher speed than wireless. You can reach up to 1000 Mbps sing a T link and wired router. I suggest you to plug in your box to the router when you want to download huge files.

  9. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what hardware do you suggest?
    How would you configure, when having 2 or 3 computers and a isp that provides 100mbps down and 10mbps up?
    I'm into ipcop with Gbit nics and a Gbit switch inside...
    or maybe a rangemax 240
    Please advise!
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