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I need advice from anyone who can offer any input/help with this situation. I have cable service with Cablevision (Optimum Online). I have been experiencing serious lag spikes at 1st during peak times (as far as user/bandwith usage is concerned), now constantly. It prevents me from watching/listening to any streams, playing an online game etc.
I ran a ping test, pinging yahoo. Seek times would vary anywhere from 45 ms to 15000ms, to a total time out and packet loss. Sometimes the seek times would increase before a time out, sometimes it would go from 45 ms to total time out. Time outs typically last anywhere from 1 min upwards to 10 mins then the connection comes back as if nothing happened.

After numerous phone calls to customer service of my ISP, nothing is resolved. They came out once and replaced the dedicated line going to my modem, nothing changed. They had me replace my modem, no help. Now when I call, they claim to run "tests" on my modem and everything is fine.

I was supposed to have a tech come out again to check my connection. Instead of coming to my house, he called me and informed me about what the true problem is. It turns out that Cablevision took on more customers than they can handle. He informed me that UBR's that are to handle no more than 500 users and are handling over 2000. He stated that Cablevision needs to split the return in order for my problems to go away. I contacted Cablevision only for them to deny any of these problems and that everything is fine.

Most would say, switch your ISP. Problem is, my cable is 10mb down / 1mb up. Any other brodband service I could choose in this area is no more than 3mb down.

Now that I explained the situation, here are the questions I have for you all:

1. Is there a way to find out the IP address of my UBR so I can run a ping test directly to it?

2. Are there any state/federal government agencies/divisions that deal with this type of problem?

3. What else you all think I should or could do in this situation?

Thanks in advance for any input.
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  1. No provider is ever going to tell you that they have saturated their upstream. On your pc, do ipconfig /all... the default gateway that is listed there is the ip address of the cable interface on the CMTS that your node is connected to.
  2. Keep calling them and raise a stink. Find out who your neighbors are that have internet connection through them and convince them to do the same. How about contacting a local newspaper or news channel? Is this the only cable internet provider available to you? If so, it will probably take a lot to get things fixed.

    Are you getting 10 MB now? If not, then why stay with them? I dealt with Cox Communications for years on internet connectivity issues before I jumped ship and switched to DSL. I never had a 10/1 MB connection with them, but I haven't regretted the decision.
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