Socket T 775 with 6 or more DDR2 RAM slots

Does anyone know if such a thing exists, or if they plan on releasing any of these babys any time soon?
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  1. For the consumer market, nothing with more than 4 DDR2 slots exists. Socket T is for the consumer market.

    If you go into the server market (Socket 771 for Core 2 Duo systems) there are currently 21 motherboards that have more than 4 DDR2 slots. Here's the list of motherboards.

    Of course you would need to buy FB-DIMM DDR2 sticks along with a Xeon machine.

    Why do you need 6 DDR2 slots? You can have 8GB of memory on the motherboard already, 4x2GB.
  2. Because I would like to OC.

    I want 8GB but 4GB (2x2GB) is really expensive at ddr2-667, and Kingston is the only manufacturer I have seen that has that kind of memory out right now thats unbuffered. It sells for over $1300. Thats ridiculous.

    Mushkin currently makes some inexpensive 2GB sticks, but they only go up to ddr2-533 and that will make it hard to OC. They sell for about $115 a GB so its actually rather inexpensive. But now Im stuck with one of two options.

    1.) Get 8GB - Much improved multitasking. All apps run at max. No OC

    2.) Get 4GB - Better performance. Each indivual app will be able to render things faster, thanks to OC.

    With the RAM sensitive Apps I use, adding more RAM increases performance, but so does increasing CPU frequency. So I should see just about the same performance increase when multitasking. But when Im using just one or two, then Ill probably only benefit from the OC.

    I have seen benchmarks and I am not interested in FB DIMM. Xeon shot himself in the foot in the workstation market with the adoption of FBDIMM.
  3. yes there is its a board made by jetway that has 6 slots, its still 775
  4. What a thread resurrection...

    (Oh, and that board you linked to is LGA1366)
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