Hooking up 2 Nvidia cards..NOT SLI

I remember seeing this somewere but dont remember where and never read up on how to do it....Anybody know how? I know its possible..To hook up the two cards even though the board doesnt support sli..(mobo that is)
Thank You
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  1. Is it for dualview ? if yes
    Two Nvidia PCI graphics cards will do. 1 Nvidia AGP and 1 Nvidia PCI graphics card will do. 2 PCI-E graphics card and SLI disabled in Nvidia Control Panel will do too.
  2. Just plug in two cards...

  3. Ok i think the question here would be..."Would u still have the effects/benefits of Sli without having a Sli certified mobo?" "Can u still enable sli just by simply putting in 2 cards?" "Simply putting in 2 cards without the Sli connector? Will it work?"
  4. Well, you need a two PCI-e slots. That is a must, I think.

    A motherboard with a SLi chipset is best, a regular nVidia chipset is fine, an ATI chipset is flaky. There are mods to make boards with 2 PCI-e, but no SLi Chipset, into full SLi motherboards. Requires a bit of tweaking.

    Need a SLi-Ready card, and not just for the SLi connection. Think it has an extra chip inside it, not sure.

    SLi is mostly software, though. Just need the slots. You incur a small performance hit without the connector.

  5. Yea that was the question I should have put, Can I have two sli cards in a non sli mobo and have them work as sli...

    I have a 7600GT SLI Ready, and I am going to get the MSI 975X mobo IF it supports Dx10 (wich i dont know yet) but hopfully it does...

    Anyway..Can you show me the way to do that sli/tweaking thing u said about so i can learn and hopefully do it...

    Thank You
  6. I've never fully investigated it, but you are looking for this patch:

    nVidia SLi Patch

    It lists your chipset as compatible.

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