Intel CD2 E6400 Or E6600?

Well, I want to get the best performance possible, at the best price. I was wandering, if I OC'd both of these with liquid cooling, will both the CPUs get to a maximum of 4GHz? Or can the E6600 go the difference higher. I don't know if this is a stupid question but I looked at the OC threads and everyone seems to use E6400 and OC it to 3.5-4.0 Ghz (w/ liquid cooling). I was just wandering if the permformance/money ratio was better for the E6400? Or can you push the E6600 200-300MHz higher than the E6400 to get a sweet 4.2-4.3GHz max?


P.S. I plan on using a ASUS P5W DH Deluxe, only becuase I can get it for real cheap from a friend.
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  1. oh...would 4.2-3 w/ a C2D be awesome. I think there's like some kind of voltage thingy where when you go to high it likes fuses the inside of the chip. I dunno tho...
  2. First off if you cana reach the same clock speed on both the 6400 and 6600, you will have a 0-10% chip with the 6400 due to the 2Meg of cache. The performance depends on wich app you are running and in general is a bit under 5% difference.

    The 6400 is the chip of choice for higher OC because of it's lower price and lower Multiplier, you can genreally reach higher stable OC OC on a certain memory speed. But even with the 6600, you can lower the multiplier and probably reach the same OC as I think your cooling will be the bottle neck and not the chip themself!

    6300 and 6400 OC round up

    Amount of cache performance impact

    For reaching 4ghz while running without CPU divider, you will need DDR1000 and a good chipset, these are expensive, you can always save money on the CPU.

    Both will offer trenmedous performance at the 3.5-4ghz range, look at what motherboard/ram you want to get, do some research to see what is the MAX FSB suppport by the FSB and calculate wich one will be better for you!
  3. Thanks guys, seems like I will have to really put more consideration into how much I have to spend!

    Don't want to start a new thread for this, but can i change the timings of RAM from 5-5-5-12 to 4-4-4-? on the ASUS P5W DH board?

    Thanks for answering my very newbie question!!!!!
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