x800gto heat issue :\

my friend has a x800gto but it can hardly play bf2 on medium settings, when i read reviews they play on high/medium details without lag and when overclocked it plays on high details, it really sounds good but what ive seen its a very crappy card, the case isnt hot inside but still its 68idle on the gfx card and thats pretty hot, when he opens the door on the case it suddenly plays better with less lag but still it has it, a heat issue maybe?

btw the card isnt clocked or anything

the rig

2.8 mhz p4 800fsb
1536mb 3200 cheap elixir ram
i dunno about motherboard tho
350watt psu

it should be ok for bf2 ?
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  1. Seems like a heat issue. 68C for idle is horrendous. Have you cleaned the fan? Heatsink OK? There plenty of replacement coolers. Arctic Cooling and Zalman are your best bet, for companies.

    The lag on medium settings is probably due to throttling. Since the card gets so hot, it slows itself down to prevent itself from, well, "self-destruction".

    A new cooler should fix it.

  2. Idle means nothing....what are the load temps?
  3. ikjadoon is right probably because it is tring to cool itself its throlling (slowing the GPU core down) to reduce temps and therefore try to stop itself from melting/frying etc... :)
    try and put a 80mm/120mm fan to it whilst playing a game for a whileif you have one spare and thus see if we're right... :)
  4. Quote:
    Idle means nothing....what are the load temps?

    Care to elaborate? I mean, if the Idle Temp is high, there is no way in hell that the load temp will be cooler...

  5. i think you're right there... cooler temps on load, wow i never knew that.. :lol:
  6. Quote:
    Idle means nothing....what are the load temps?

    Care to elaborate? I mean, if the Idle Temp is high, there is no way in hell that the load temp will be cooler...


    he could be 60C idle...but only 71C load....which is doable for an R420, 430 480....

    besides...its obvious he's not having these issues while idle. so load is a needed key info. However I'm not trying to raise an issue or say your wrong...your very right. Make sure to clean out the fan...yep
  7. if your case isn't that good that could be part of the problem. A 120mm Fan would help.
  8. well i got a x850xt myself and i got a zalman cooler on it and got my old x850xt cooler on spare so i guess i could use that, i know its better than the x800gto but i also know that the guarantee wont work if i replace it :\ its just if its a problem with the gfx and the new cooler doesnt fix it what then ?

    my x850xt is 49idle and 62load load and my case is really hot but its not a problem but my friends case isnt as hot as mine and his x800gto is 68 idle and 7x load

    :\ makes no sens if they make gfx cards that doesnt even work with the stock cooler
  9. btw i havent cleaned it cuz its not that old and there is no dust or anything on it
  10. turn up the fan speed.

    if your not hitting 80C...you shouldnt be getting any of the symptoms your having relating to your GPU.
  11. the fan is on 100%
    well its 79/81 on load :\ have 2 be a very very weak cooler or something wrong with the card
  12. cooler mounted properly?? try a little artic silver and burn that in..I'm sure it would lower temps rather nicely. if all else fails, try another cooling solution.
  13. Some of the GTO's came with tiny coolers.


    Tiny to me that is, mine came with the stock ATi cooler.

  14. Oh. Hell, should be adequite enough though. I mean overheating? come on, no stock cooler on any GPU i've owned has produced that result.

    But I'll trust you.....

    So we calling for a new cooling unit???
  15. Quote:

    So we calling for a new cooling unit???

    Fukc....I dont know :lol:
  16. Which version does he have? Cuz i have an agp x800gto with the larger hsf and it seems to be fine in a stupid dell system.

    I think maybe there is something that isn't seated properly. Check all connections and contacts with the heatsink. Do you know what case it is in??
  17. its the same gpu as urs same stock cooler 2 :\ but u dont have that issue do u ?

    anyway i will order som artic silver and smack my old x850xt cooler on it, you guys know if it fits ?

  18. maybe they're not so small :?

    That is one cheapo card man...half of the capacitors are missing from it.
    Mine was an X850Pro right out of the box...including the R480 core.
  19. Quote:
    but u dont have that issue do u ?

    No...I dont have that issue at all...I burned that card up :lol:
  20. Well either way. Break time; smoke em if ya got em.

    We'll re-asses the situation after we down a 40oz...grab some food and take a nap.
  21. its a cheap case but it isnt hot at all and its the same cooler as geneticweapon's and there is no contact with the heatsink
  22. Quote:
    there is no contact with the heatsink

    There's your problem bud.
  23. Quote:
    there is no contact with the heatsink

    That's virtually impossible....but se la' whatever.
  24. omg i read wrong O.o sorry there is but im gonna order som artic silver and see if it gets better with the other cooler
  25. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

    I've heard of this happening to another user on the forum...His temps were much higher, though, 85+C...

    Only reason I say it's heat is because with the case off it runs much better....
    Stick a fan next to it, with the case on. Check temps.

  26. :D haha sorry :P was a little tired

    :D yea well 68idle last night and now i just changed the x800gto cooler to my old x850xt cooler and i had some spare artic silver 2 smack on so now its 46idle and thats a big freakn difference :DDDD im so glad now

    btw thanks for the help folks
  27. Awesome!

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