OMG what have you done to the site

GRR this is my second attempt at writing this post as i had to come back to add a sub section ??? WTF

this site is now almost 100% unuasble

the charts dont make sence ???

i cant get news in a straight forward manner :( :( :(

please please please put it back to the last update


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  1. i have to add my 2p worth to this thread...

    i was going to start something similar, but anyway...

    what ON EARTH have you done to the top level site?

    when you have many stories spread over the site, you can see one that may interest you, click on it and you're there.

    with most things hidden, how can people find something?

    this is a SERIOUSLY bad move...i have been reading THG probably for over 7 years and this is the worst design's like some out of the box dreamweaver template someone knocked up in their lunchtime...terrible...

    change it back to the way it was and LEAVE IT ALONE.

    you can't have permanent revolution, the old site worked.

    you must have some webdesigners with ADD or who are bored...but don't screw up the site just to keep them happy...

    my jaw hit the floor today, when i first saw wasn't like that last night...i read THG every day, sometimes twice...

    i thought i'd been redirected to some rubbish site...then i find out it was the new design...

  2. Bring back the old site and forums. They were far more user friendly. The home page was so much easyier to understand and get info from. I also like the scrolling msg box of the new forum articals.
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