new on OC need Help for P5N32 Premium SLI 590

Hi :D

I just bought my new system and i really need an URGENT help, infact i have only 2 days to bring back to the shop my hardware (to return MB i have to pay 60$ bcose it was a special order)

The problem is that i'm new in this world so i don't know if i miss something or my mobo is so bad.
I already read threads, guides and all accessible about how to start, but theory and practice r really different.

what i have:
MB: P5n32 SLI 590 Premium
CPU: E6600
VIDEO: EN7300GT Silent/HTD HD 256mb

Air cooling: zelman 9000 (in the future i'll go for liquid, for the moment it's not a problem)

Bios Default:

T(CAS) - Auto
T(RCD) - Auto
T(RP) - Auto
T(RAS) - Auto
T(RC) - Auto
Addressing Mode - Auto

SLI Broadcast Aperture - Disabled
LDT Frequency - 5x

FSB - 1066.7
MEM Speed - 800
NB PCIE - 100
SB PCIE - 100
FSB Turbo - disabled
MEM Turbo - disabled

Vcore Voltage - Auto
Memory Voltage - Auto
1.2V HT Voltage - Auto
CPU VTT Voltage - Auto
SB Core Voltage - Auto
NB Core Voltage - Auto
Vcore Over Voltage - disabled

Setting only FSB without alterate the other params i have this results:
FSB 1200 --> system ok, working and stable
FSB >1200 <1400 --> some general error "cpu divide 9" "memory access..."
FSB > 1400 --> hang on boot

I know that i have to try to reach the limit one piece at time, but i don't know what value set the RAM and Other params, to make sure that instability is made only by motherboard.

hope u can help me in step by step :)

thx, Den.
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  1. Overall this board is a pretty poor overclocker.

    Your memory running at 800mhz "stock" is actually already overclocked on this board. You won't get anything stable past 840ish.

    As far as the CPU goes maybe a 5% OC and it will be stable. It doesn't really matter on your cooling as far as I can tell. The board just can't handle much past defaults. And I got a Freezit Coolzone CPU chiller and damn good air-flow.

    Even though I just got this board installed maybe a week ago I already plan to get the nForce 680i when it comes out. Overclocking ability on that board is hinted at being relaly good and stable.

    To my disgust the 590 board just wasn't worth the upgrade from the nforce 4 x16 one I had previously. I'd say take it back, even at a loss, and use the funds for the 680i when it comes out if you're really looking to OC.
  2. it seems i reach 350mhz stable, i'm running prime95 only for 45 minuts now, so tomorrow i can tell u more.

    i'm sure someone expert can suggest me to tune well the system :)
  3. Well my experiance I'm using a C2E (6800). Your mileage may vary, but good luck.

    Best test is to just play a game that needs a lot of resources. (EQII for example)
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