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Hello! I have problem recently everytime I go online. Whenever I try to play music (such as Winamp) or any applications that create sounds (Flash animation, movie, etc), my PC will immediately turn into blue screen! The blue screen error message usually say something like "TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWN", and sometimes "IRQ_HARDWARE_LESS OR EQUAL" or something like that.

I connect to the internet using dial-up 56k modem. My PC is Windows XP, and I my sound card is Sound Blaster Audigy. I suspect the problem has to do with the modem and sound card, I have previously installed SB Audigy sound card to replace my on-board sound (which never cause this problem). I have tried the following actions to solve the issue:
- Change the modem (didn't work, still got error everytime online)
- Turning off modem sound via Device Manager (not working)
- Turning off modem sound via dial-up properties (not working too)
- Turning off modem sound via modem properties (not working either, still give blue screen)

I have checked the COM Port, IRQ, but they're not conflicting which makes this weird...To make matters worse, now I can't go online with Internet Explorer, my PC will go to blue screen as soon as I open it, even simple application like dictionary sometimes cause it (when online of course). I can now only go online with Mozilla Firefox. If you can help, please please help, thank you!!
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  1. Remove your soundcard driver, change the place of your soundcard to another PCI slot, reinstall with the latest driver. You can find the driver in creative website.

    Check your memory, malfunctioning memory can cause this BSOD.
  2. How do I 'remove' this driver? When I look at Add/Remove program there are many SB Audigy related files/softwares and I'm not sure to remove which one. Also, I have downloaded two drivers of what Creative said to be Audigy LS drivers, but when I try to install it said that the 'Setup is unable to detect the program' when in fact my sound card has been detected by my PC. When I try to visit Creative site again, their site seems to be down. Any help?
  3. All right, here's what I've done:

    - Complete uninstall of my modem driver (from Add/Remove program and Device Manager)
    - Complete uninstall of my SB Audigy driver (Creative site uninstall guide step by step)
    - Move the modem to another PCI slot, further than the sound card

    None worked, and it seems the situation is getting even worse now after I installed the latest Audigy driver which made my sound card appear as 'Emulated' in DxDiag, and when I try auto-update to find another updates (drivers) from Creative website, it said:
    "Creative Software AutoUpdate was unable to detect any Creative products attached to your computer."

    I don't know why they can't detect my sound card because when I use Lavalys (similiar to AIDA32), it clearly able to identify my sound card as Sound Blaster Audigy. I've tried to uninstall and install several other Audigy drivers but none wanted to install (they said my sound card is different than the driver).

    So right now I can't even use the sound card properly, and I'm forced to enable the on-board audio that came with the motherboard just to be able to hear sound. The good thing, is that when I use my on-board audio as the default audio I can hear music (and other program with sound) as well using internet at the same time without any blue screen, but with reduced audio quality. If anyone can help with enlightening solution, I'll greatly appreciate!
  4. Some sound cards are incompatible with some motherboards.
    Try to get a different one if you can.
    I had a problem with a Soundblaster Audigy 2 too, BSOD (Blue screens of death).
    Check user reviews of your motherboard at Usually they tell you about these problems.
  5. I had this same problem and I finally solved it by leaving my onboard audio ENABLED in the bios. With the onboard audio enabled, I was able to select the sound blaster as the audio device in the control panel and no more blue screens. I hope this helps if you're still having the problem.
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