low profile pci-e cards?


Im looking for a pci-card wich is low profile and has a d-sub connection. The reason I need one is because I (well, not really me but im the one having to take care of it) bought a bunch of HP models but those things only have room for low profile cards.

Speed and price dont matter (exept for 600dollar matrox cards) all they need is low profile and a d-sub connection.
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  1. Dont know exactly wich system, but its your average HP desktop system. With d-sub I mean vga, no dvi since the monitors we use dont have dvi. Of course I could use a dvi -> vga converter, but that would be taking the easy way ;)

    The problem is that some people want to use 2 monitors so they need a extra videocard along with the onboard chip to hook up 2 monitors.
  2. THe hp's only have a onboard chip and I cant just buy any card since only low profile cards fit into the case. If it would be that easy I wouldnt have to ask here for a low profile model ;) So I need a low profile card because otherwise the card isnt gonna fit in de pc.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814153028

    How about a low profile with the option for DVi and DB-15? 8)


    Just check if you need an L bracket or not. Even if you need the L bracket you can get the DVi+VGA option in side-by-side brackets like this one;


    or heck already double wide HIS dual DVI (using adapter too);

    There's also low-profile GF7600 and X1600s with VGA and HDMI connectors, but they're a little more money, but if it's a media PC something to consider.
  4. Thanks for the links :) The price doesnt matter since the computers are for a company (have to work here for school, dont know the proper english word) so they dont mind 100 dollars more or less as long as it works. Now I just have to find a store in Holland that sells those cards :P
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