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as the topic says, this forum sucks
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  1. Woo, your message is very constructive :s
  2. dsharp9000 said:
    as the topic says, this forum sucks

    Wrong. The topic said "This website sucks", and you post talks about the forum. This is very confusing. Which is it? Unless you clarify this I will lose sleep
  3. stefx said:
    Wrong. The topic said "This website sucks", and you post talks about the forum. This is very confusing. Which is it? Unless you clarify this I will lose sleep

    Clue: Winer..... [shrug]
  4. I remember the days when they were uncovering things like synthetic benchmarks being useless and the 1.13GHz P-III being defective. I used to come here for hard numbers on all the new hardware, and even some Linux benchmarking (which I run exclusively). Sure, they had trouble running dual processor benchmarks under Linux, but it was a test that proved Intel released a defective chip.

    Now, there aren't any Linux benchmarks, and the numbers for the GeForce 8500 just got released Monday 7/23 with the VGA charts. To top it off, I can hardly find the new reviews anymore. The main page used to have all the recent reviews listed chronologically, but now you just get some select articles about LCD picture frames, Quake Wars being unsatisfying, storage accessories, and which NAS is a little faster. You have to click on each category to see if there is a new review.

    If you're so concerned with NAS speed, you can build your own. Take an old server/cheap computer, something with at least one 1Gb Ethernet and preferably more motherboard bandwidth than a single 32-bit PCI bus (64-bit PCI, PCI-X, PCI-e). Buy one or more SCSI/SAS RAID card(s) and some cheap 15k drives off of eBay. Install Linux w/ Samba (Windows file sharing), and any other software for ways you'd like to serve up your data. You'll have to do some design to make sure you don't have bottlenecks, like trying to run RAID0 on a 32-bit PCI slot (133MB/s) with 3 drives that read 100MB/s, but it'll be a fun learning experience. Plus, it'll smoke any of those cheap, premade boxes.

    If anybody running benchmarks at tomshardware is reading this, I would instantly put you back as #1 if your graphics charts included Linux Games and Compiz/Compiz Fusion/Beryl (preferably Compiz Fusion since that's the only current project, but any will do). I'm looking for a new video card for a 3D desktop, but hardly know what kind of horsepower I need.

    If you're just saying the website sucks, without providing a reason, you're not going to help change things. Criticism, should always have suggestions and specifics on what's wrong.
  5. Put it back the way it was isn't good enough?

  6. jbo,

    i remember those days with tom reporting the defective intel processor 1.13. If you remember, the reason was because intel was trying to catch up to amd as it surpassed the 1.0 gigahertz speed first. Intel tried to respond with the 1.13 but cheated by tweaking an existing processor to a faster speed to catch amd. I cant remember everything and dont know if i said everything right; but tom is where i learned it from and he had the data to back it up.

    Jbo, you are right that just saying the website (or forum for those that are wondering) sucks without providing reason is not going to change anything; but dont know how to change things other than saying that the original tom site was not controlled by big corporations and I feel this site now is. I guess i am just venting my frustration as tom being gone is a big a loss and now we need someone new to be our champion to give honest and nonbias reports of whats going on; but just dont think it is going to happen at toms anymore. If you think about it, it took a lot for tom to stand up to intel concerning the 1.13 chip issue; its what made him both famous and credible. The credibility is gone as tom is gone. any one wanting to give suggestions on how to resolve this are welcome as i dont know how as i think site is now run by big corporation who does not care.

    Zoron: putting the forum back the way it was would be step in right direction
  7. Well,

    1. They won't go back to the old format
    2. They have listened to us and implemented SOME changes
    3. It's hard to point out exactly why the new format sucks because it's a bunch of little things and only a few glaringly obvious things

    I used to visit TH Forums several times a day, and now I visit every couple of days. I would always go straight into the CPU forum and would never read anywhere else. It was buzzing with activities, opinions, etc. It's not like that anymore. Many of the regulars have left.

    I remember when JumpingJack jumped ship, many people still stayed. It was the format change that killed everything.

    Perhaps this is better though. Maybe they wanted to get rid of a lot of the regulars because of flame wars. The flame wars don't really exist. I haven't seen Baron in a while.

    Oh well, it was a lot of fun while it lasted. I hope they are able to continue to refine the new layout to make it something that works, but I'm not holding my breath. Eventually one day I will visit for my last time and forget to come back (if things don't change).
  8. Same with me. I just come back to glance at the "website feedback" and read the entertaining posts about the awful new format.

    For technical forums, I now go elsewhere.
  9. Same with me. I used to go daily but when I hit my Bookmark just now, a map came up and didn't even have an Australian selection.
    Guess Aussie's not invited.
    The technical content is about par with other similar sites but the home page is bad. Hard to navigate, stupid adds which because of their motion distract the reader (I scoll very quickly down to keep the moving advert off,thus missing bits) and the stupid forums thingo where all the latest posts are continually rotated around and you have to chase the b things . (Opera doesn't stop it auto) . Why not just have a list where the reader can scroll down at will.
    This website has obviously been taken over by the beancounters who see money as the only objective, hence 80% of the home page is adverts and the webbuilders who see the site as an oportunity to show how skillfull they are at putting as much useless crap on the home page as they can.
    I don't think the techos and the public have any say at all.
    Ah well, I will come back another day sometime, maybe it will get back to being a site for techs again. One thing is for sure, the web builders will certainly not care if I come or go.
  10. First a clarification, Australia is not on the map because we don't have anyone to convert prices to Australian dollars, and to verify that the model numbers of releases match the Australian ones. I would recommend the US or UK version, depending on which style of page you like for the time being.

    The guy who decided it would be a good idea to fill a computer with oil, for example, still works here. If the technical and design team for the website, fail to get his articles up, readable and findable, then that's a failure that even a bean counter can understand.

    The design you seem to want, which I'm guessing is a stripped down page, with lots of links, organized by category, that lets you skip the sections you don't want quickly, is definitely under consideration.

    While I don't have the final say on design decisions, I can and will advocate for the best quality website possible. Whether this is good enough for your viewership is all on you.
  11. i do not like this web site as it is now, None of the Main page stuff is no longer linked into the fourm (probly due to some poor reviews lately and users speaking there options) like it was before no one uses the comment system basicly on the main page as well

    i had to add the inpage fourm ads to my block list as thay was mering into users posts (was makeing them hard to read as i had to read around the ads) i allso blocked intilli ads as well as just hovering your mouse over them made an popup ad come up very anoying when trying to read stuff

    looks nice just does not seem right any more
  12. the new design, does indeed, suck...

    the old design worked.

    go check the difference and you'll find what you're missing.

    i have been visiting tom's almost daily for over 5 years...mostly for the 3d card stuff, closely followed by the cpu and systems stuff...

    The Best Gaming Video Cards for your Money: A September 2007 Guide
  13. Best way to get Tom's to change is to not visit or visit considerably less. This site has clearly gone Ads crazy -- meaning they're very much tied to getting site hits and other data mining goodies from unsuspecting visitors/members.

    But it's pretty rare to see a "company" go this way and then go back, even if faced with finicial problems -- there is no looking back once you make a deal with the money tree.

    I've been a member for many many many many years and each year I visit less and less as I find more and more viable sources elsewhere.

  14. dsharp9000 said:
    as the topic says, this forum sucks

    even more undersexed posters! wow this site doesn't suck enough! Go get some man!
  15. It needs an adults only telnet MUD
  16. Well what can you expect, the changes to this site were done in France lol. But to me, this site died a lot when a ton of the regulars left, like Jack. Without him and a few others i honestly feel like this site died. Its not so much the look of the site anymore but that it lost the enthusiast feel it once had.

    And the site is no longer Toms Hardware Guide it is Tom's Hardware... So its not even THG its TH :( lol

    *I also liked it when it showed our post counts along with when we joined.... and didnt say 'more informations' lol grammar at its worst
  17. The poor contrast on the web site make it almost unreadable. Yes, It sucks.
  18. Personally I could care less what it looks like, the benchmark charts are horribly useless now though without color coding and autosorting and all that. The previous charts were perfection and should not have been fiddled with when the rest of the site was overhauled. ALSO, the charts don't work right in my Opera 9.27 (in debian).
  19. wtf do they keep on changing things for... and all the while never really fixing it
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