Upgraded video card and PC cannot go into Stand By mode now

I recently replaced my aging GF3Ti 4600 with a x800 GTO and also upgraded the PSU so it can handle the new card. I didnt really clean out the old nvidia drivers with a utility as many recommend, but just uninstalled the drivers via "add/remove programs." Im not sure if this is a problem, since new installations went smooth. my games are playing much faster with the new ATi card.

now i realize that the computer cannot enter standby mode. it seems like everything powers down except my video card, because the fan on the card still spins. it will black out my screen but i cannot wake up the computer, forcing me to hard shutdown and restart via power button.

another thing i noticed is that my TV tuner card in the PCI slot no longer works, crashing with a blue screen giving me page_fault_in_nonpaged_area error. it also says NABTSFEC.SYS is messed up or something.

now, im not sure if this is all due to the video card, but the only thing i've done to the PC hardware-wise is upgrading the video card and power supply. could it be i got a bad card? i did get it really cheap ($81) off ebay, apparently new. the power supply is an antec 480W from a previous athlon rig.

so can anyone help me get my system back to being able to enter standby mode and also get functionality back on my TV tuner card?

btw, my system is a dimension 4600 with a P4 2.8 533FSB, 768MB RAM, AGP graphics.

thanks in advance.
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  1. Quote:
    Have you reinstalled the tuner cards drivers?

    You may have to make sure that the old drivers have been compleatly removed. Do you have any "!" in the device manager?

    yes, i uninstalled and reinstalled the TV tuner stuff. device manager is clean. still the same old blue screen. thanks for the quick reply, btw.
  2. Quote:
    Well even when the drivers are unistalled there are still things left behind. A registry cleaner might be able to ID and remove the leftover peices. Also when you unistall drivers it may have deleted a couple of important system files from windows. Since the drives integrate themselfs with some shaired system files.

    Here is how you can fix that.

    Put you windows install disk in and start it up. It will ask if you want to repair or do a fresh install. Choose the install. Then it will come back and say it has found a copy of windows already on the drive. Now you select the repair. It will go in and reinstall the critical system files for windows and leave the rest of your data in tack. This should fix the problem. You may have to go back and reinstall driver after it's finished.

    wouldnt doing the repair set my system files backwards? would it undo all the windows updates that i applied since i got the PC? first, ill try the registry cleaning thing, but i've never tried it before so can you tell me how its done? thanks.
  3. thanks. ill try reg cleaning then will report back.
  4. hmm..are there any free reg cleaners? i downloaded reg mechanic but it refuses to clean unless i pay for the software. :cry:
  5. well, i finally got to clean my registry, but it still blue screens when i try to use my TV tuner. i guess im gonna just live without it for now, and maybe when something catastrophic happens, i'll just reinstall everything then.

    as for the video card not powering down, i think that's more of a hardware problem, not my windows. i think it might be a bad video card, as the seller was selling them for pretty cheap and claiming them as new, while his website says he sells mostly re-manufactured cards. shady ebay sellers....he wont even answer my emails. looks like im gonna have to get used to the fact i cant put my PC into standby mode.

    anyways, thanks for all the help mpilchfamily, i really appreciate you following up all of my posts. god bless!
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