Quad SLi TV Tuner X-Fi card Phys-x TOP OF THE LINE

Is it possible to put all that in 1 system? im building a computer, and i've been doing some research to brush up since i havn't built anything since my present P4 2.8 i want a HD-gaming rig. I was reading up on the phys-x cards, apperently they are going dual/multi cards pretty soon. I also heard they will be making PCI-X x1 version of the card too... so my question, you think they will ever have dual pci-X phys-X cards? how would they fit in the x1 slots in mobos they gotta be really tiny to fit in between SLI.

anyways back to my original question, any mobos out there with more then 3 PCI slots, or will the G80 SLIs not take up that much room? whats my solution to my problem, am i asking for too much in 1 PC?

why cant that make bigger mobos, im not a mobo expert, but i was reading an article in maximum PC i believe about a guy who was willing to dish out a million bucks for a PC, now im not that crazy. but in the article there was a guy from gigbyte company i believe and he said they design mobos for russia with cell phone compatibilities and much faster bios etc etc and they were not aviable for mass production cause of the price.

it will be pretty high end, im seriously considering overclocking it and setting new benchmark records, i'm willing to pay for parts that are very over the top and extravegant, basically instead of buying myself a new car im building THE ULTIMATE GAMING RIG, and i mean the ultimate, not like this freaking posers on ebay, i want top of the line, DDR3, 2nd gen quad core, dual phys-x etc but right now im concerning about computers of the present, now im not willing to dish out amillion bucks but im going into computer science next year and my father promised me the best computer i want, if i build it myself. i know im starting abit too early for the planning but im trying to get a vision of the technology now, and technology soon and technology in the summer so i can make a well informed decision, this is why i joined these forums in the beginning :)

BTW you think they might make a PCI-e sound card by then? man that'd be awesome, k thank you in advance for your replies.

BTW any other updated daily hardware/software sites other then this site and guru3d? k thanks again

last thing i swear, liquid nitrigeon cooling, WTF??? plz explain, thanks again
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  1. Not too many motherboards that will do everything you want, your best bet is to wait till Ageia comes out with thier PCI-E Physx card and just get one ... that or settle for a decent onboard sound card, Asus and Abit usually have decent ones in thier boards. To be perfectly honest, I didn't even think that the phys-x cards could be run in parallel, also with as much heat as all those things generate, you may want to invest in some water cooling, or have a jet engine on you desk.

    btw, if you are going into computer science you don't need a super powerful rig, if you were an Aero-space or Mechanical engineer then Open GL video cards are useful/needed to work from home, but EE, CE or CS majors only need compiling speed, so maybe a the Intel Quad-Core if you wanted total overkill. But unless you are doing 3D modeling you could get by with the computer I am using now ... although if you want to play anything more intense than Masters of Orion 2 you'll need better.
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