2x Raptors @RAID 0 vs 3x Seagate 7200.10 @RAID 0

Has anyone actually done this benchmark before? I am waiting for results...
Mind to all these people that rush in to say that the Raptors will kill the Seagates, that the sustained transfer rate for the seagates is only 10MB/s slower than the Raptors.. As for the burst speeds forget it... Seagate: 245MB/s, Raptors: 143MB/s
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  1. I've seen somewhere on benchmark test that Seagate 7200.10 beat raptor in some case for a single drive.
    For RAID 0, i bet Seagate will give some surprising result than raptor.
  2. 3x 7200rpm verses 2x 10k Raptor drives, the three array should out transfer and outperform i/o's too...
  3. seek times on the raptors will be better (if that affects you)
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