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THG is in a world of trouble save yourselves

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July 16, 2007 2:15:54 PM

Hey all at THG,

I think you can tell by now that the complaints on the website and forums are more then just a settling in period.

Some are disappointed, some are giving genuine suggestions to try to fix it, other have already jumped ship.

I have been reading THG since it opened, and to be honest it has dropped down the number of websites I visit (Arstechnica and Anandtech are well above in the pecking order). The last few re-designs really haven't worked to the stage where the current format is completely broken and almost unusable.

The forums are truly shocking, I have never seen anything like this before. They are not very intuitive and some basic quoting features making replying to posts too much effort. Some posts here have multiple quote levels, with the tiny size of actual viewable area posts will be impossible to read if they span more then 2 pages. Your previous forum was one you would tell other sites to emulate to see how it should be done, we are now saying the opposite.

As for the homepage, some like minimal design with little actual content, most of us here probably prefer the opposite, hence why we came here in the first place. I didn't know about the Javascript option as I have that turned off by default. Having seen how that article mouse over thing works by jumping the screen up and down I have disabled javascript again.

I can see the site is more Ad orentiated then before and I can appreciate that you guys need to pay everyone but it should be at a cost of turning away your readers.

As for how to fix all this. I couldn't really recommend much to help make it better as the layout is fundamentally flawed. I would use the previous layout as the starting point and work on improving it.

This is a classic case where evolution of a design would have been better then a revolution of the design. You have gone from a pretty good layout to an apartment style minimalist look. It really is the blank white wall with a small picture and the other 99% bare.

Please, please, please don't let years of hard work go down the drain by being stubborn here. People are already leaving, and in its current format it's not a site I would ready daily, may pop back once a fortnight.

I have a group of websites I have been reading for a long, long time and I've never felt that I've ever had to voice an opinion like this. I also don't do it lightly. If tomorrow the old website and forum were back I would congratulate you for making the right decision, there will be no "I told you so" from me.

As this is one person sure you may find others who will rally to your defence. If the current design of the forums and website remains like it is at present then unfortunately you will be Reader-1.

Thanks for listening.

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July 16, 2007 5:04:55 PM

Well said
July 17, 2007 7:26:23 AM

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July 18, 2007 10:12:45 PM

Bravo. At least there's one person willing to comment on this sensibly.
July 18, 2007 10:35:05 PM

Well, I just spent 5 minutes writing my own post, having selectedthis section to post in, only to be told that I has to select a section to put it in, and low, my entire post was gone. So, the new forum seems to be sucky to. As for the new web site design, I would like to be a bot more forth right and less polite than mick and just say that it is garbage. When I log into a tech site I do not expect to have to go looking through section after section to find news and new articles. I expect it on the front page, i'm a simple guy and I want it simple. Thats how Toms gained its readership by giving it to us in black and white on the front page. Bam, there you go - now read. What have we got now; utter confusion and articles and news stashed away under subsection after subsection. Sorry but it is just rubbish, go back to the old format, or better still go back the the format from about 4 years ago when it was a truly brilliant site.

Thats my two penneth
July 19, 2007 12:05:49 AM

I've had that same problem malphadour.... unbelievable really, can't believe there was insufficient time to test this design properly before releasing it. If this were my company, managers would be looking for new jobs.

Oh no..... Wusy's overclocking sticky has been removed from the CPU OC board. Guess that's the final nail... silly of you to lose the most valuable people from you forums, their advice was the main reason most people came here. Vern and Jack people could have lived with, but ninja et al leaving wholesale is too much. Bona fortuna.
July 19, 2007 1:19:30 AM

GSTe said:
Oh no..... Wusy's overclocking sticky has been removed from the CPU OC board. Guess that's the final nail... silly of you to lose the most valuable people from you forums, their advice was the main reason most people came here. Vern and Jack people could have lived with, but ninja et al leaving wholesale is too much. Bona fortuna.

Your words are falling on deaf ears. No one (at least none of the moderators) seem to care that they are losing their most intelligent posters... and for what? I don't know the story, but judging by the posters that have left or have been banned... I'm guessing it was over some petty BS.

The hardware forum (specifically the CPU section) started going downhill almost immediately after the first redesign. Fanboys started coming in droves; spewing their nonsense all over the place. (Ycon is a great example). It seems the people that made the most intelligent posts and had actual facts to back them up are the ones being forced out... and the idiot fanboys are running rampant. That's the main reason I largely ignored the CPU section for over a year and stuck mostly to software. At least in the software section you could help a person out without being jumped on by fanboy after fanboy.

It seems the hardware enthusiast means little here anymore. It's a shame, really... because Mr. Pabst built this site with the enthusiast in mind. Now, they've started cow-towing to the masses in an effort to keep the hits building... while forgetting the core people that helped make this site what it is... or at least what it used to be. Yet another casualty of mass-marketing... how sad.
July 19, 2007 5:46:54 PM


ok, here we go again.

"I stopped reading Tom's forums other than the website opinions forum, as I find it entertaining."

lol, i do that too! I liked the scrolly thing that gave you the latest posts, but thats gone, so i just cba. Now i just read the (rightous) abuse directed at toms due to the abysmal new layout....Toms has really gone downhill.

2 cents, from me, to you.