It took global sattelite position to navigate here

What happened to 'user friendly'? I find the site very difficult to enjoy at this point. It's somewhat of a pain to make 'doable' or 'workable' for my tastes. Two things:

1. What happend to email notification when a topic I am watching or posted to previously is replied to?

2. I normally hang around the 'new posts' section. You know, I try and help answer questions or solve problems with components I have owned or have experience with. I have found by clicking the 'hammar' new posts are supposedly there, BUT AS SOON AS THE TOPIC IS CLICKED ON THE NEW POST DISSAPPEARS FROM THE LINK. Just another frustrating aspect of the layout.

3. I have no idea what is going on at any point in time on the new Forum. Could be the medication. It does have bold warning labels and I can be pretty obsessive/compulsive when I want to. (where is that REPLY button? Hmmmmmm. (hits button and has no idea where to find the way back here)

edit: accidently tripped on the send email reply for this topic button while doing this post.
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  1. I think it is deliberate. I think that there a lot of discussion against vista and even noticed some of my on topics were deleted that related to anti vista talk. But that be as it may, how in the hell do you post a new topic under this forum because i cant find the right button to click --- i really need help on this --- i guess i can figured out how to reply. but need help with how to post new topic.
  2. click on "new topic" at the bottom of the topic list
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