My internet connection isnt working on PC,pls help!!

As I said my pc connection is just freaking f***** up. It works on my other Pc's but not on my primary one. It works like this, it works for an hour, day maybe even a week but sometimes it just wont work, i plug the cable in it works for like 1 minute or two, sometimes an hour or maybe a little longer, but at the end it just dissconects from internet i replug my cable and again working or not for a couple of minutes, something has to be on my pc do anybody knows what, though my PC is optimized and very well secured and from time to time cleaned. Really need your help guys, tenx in advance...
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  1. Try resetting you modem. Unplug the power cable for 10 to 15 seconds and plug it back in. Or you can go to control panel/internet options/connections/lan setting/and check automatically detect settings
  2. I have resseted my modem not working, look this is happening only on this PC i have several PC's, but on all of others internet works perfectly, I realy doesnt know whats the prob with this one, especialy this week.

    Update: I fix my internet problem for a couple of hours with disabling the internet network and then after it's disabled, I enable it and works for a couple of moments...
  3. I will probably have to formate my PC
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