Second Take: PC Gamers Brushed Aside?

Ben and Rob do a E3 2007 wrap-up: PC gamers get the brush off (again), a wealth of quality games are shown off and fitness gaming hits the market.

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What was the biggest news out of E3 for you? Do you think PC games are getting enough attention from the powers that be? We want to hear from you!
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  1. I noticed no talk of Unrealtournamant 3. This is suppose to release this year and publisher is not hyping it at E3? Gives me the feeling that this thing is going to be a turd and thety're hoping to sell a bunch of copies before anyone catches on.
  2. It's coming in November to PS3 and PC, then coming to the Xbox 360 in early 08 (Sony scored a "timed exclusive" for UT3). Midway and Epic showed a quick trailer of the game but no real gameplay demo was shown and the game was not at the E3 exhibit hall, either. Not sure why....

    Read here for more: e_excl.html
  3. I was hoping to see some nice stuff about Crysis, well, we did get a few videos showcasing one level. Not much about starcraft 2 either, from what I can see. I am pretty disappointed as I don't own a next gen console, just a PS2. Then again, I'm only really interested in RPGs for consoles. Shooters belong on the PC!!

    also, anything on the Crysis release date? online stores are reporting sept 11th (why that date of all dates?), but I have my doubts it will be ready by then. Is crytek good on holding to release dates? I didn't pay attention to the FarCry release a few years ago and I don't know any other games by them.
  4. Hi, I wished you talk about Hellgate London. Well, maybe there's still not much information available to make a proper judgment. I have high hopes for that title since I'm a Diablo fan, and this could be the next best thing after D2:LOD.
  5. Blizzard has its Blizzcon (I think) in august, and a playable demo. No need for E3, I don't remember blizz having anything at E3 anyway... As for UT3, the game looks cool, but the whole "from the creators of GoW" made me sick, I can't say I hate the game as much as it bores me (I fell asleep playing it, i've never fallen asleep playing a game before!)
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