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I just got my acer laptop back from acer in temple texas. I used for a few days, then tried to do a recovery on my own. I did the factory restore w/o back up disks ( because I did not have files i wanted to save). It went through it's process and restarted, but screen froze up. I manually shut it down and restarted. It went through the prompts and when it was done, I did my password thing and windows started up. Or so I thought. I have my mouse arrow, but the screen is all black. No start menu, nothing. I'm sick of this. I just spent 50 bucks sending it to the factory and they rebooted my operating system, but I cannot do it myself? Someone out there please help!
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  1. Do you have a windows 7 disc you can use to reinstall the OS?
  2. skaz said:
    Do you have a windows 7 disc you can use to reinstall the OS?

    No, It did not come with any discs (via factory or repair center). I had made a 3 dvd back up set before, but they were worthless. It has already been sent back to Acer, at their expense (less than 60 days from repair), last week. What I need, is a total recovery disc, with all the stuff that my laptop came with. I'm going to try to attempt to copy another 3 dvd backup set. But, I've recovered 3 times before with no problems. And without any discs. When it comes back, I'm going to get the tech back on the phone, to walk me through a true recovery back up.
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