RAID 0 with same size but different generation Raptor?


I looked around but couldn't find information about this. If same question is already posted, apologies for reposting it.

I'm trying to go RAID with two WD Raptor. However, I already have one Raptor(WD740GDRTL - 74GB/8MB) and I'm thinking about getting new Raptor(WD740ADFDR - 74GB/16MB) for the RAID

I read from a benchmark site that WD740ADFDR model performs better than the WD740GDRTL model. I also heard that it is better to have identically performing HDD for RAID system but didn't mention whether it would or wouldn't work.

My question is, how would they work? Is it safe to use such combination, data safe wise? What about performance? Would either one damage the other because they have different performance? Basically, is it ok to use such combination?

Due to limited budget, I'm using integrated sata raid (Asus A8V Deluxe - Promise or VIA RAID) and I can't buy two new Raptor(WD740ADFDR - 74GB/16MB).

If someone had such experiment or experience, I would very much appreciate if you could let me know. I really want to try RAID.

Thank you in advance
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  1. Yes you can mix n match... but the slowest drive will dictate the RAID 0 performance... which in all cases should be faster than any single drive...
  2. Thanks alot RichPLS.

    Now I can buy a new Raptor :D
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