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Need help with new loop idea w/ Peltier TEC cooler involved

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October 24, 2006 5:13:10 AM

OK so i have around $350 to spend on a new CPU Cooling loop for my current rig, the thing is I wanna go old school and slap a Thermal-electric cooler inbetween the water block and the processor so i can get less than ambient temps out of it. The thing is, Ive been looking up stuff about TEC's and they seem to work very well but do eat up a lot of power and since I am planning on getting a 320-350 watt TEC which has to be powered by a separate PSU all together to get the required amparage (higher quality 400 watt psu or more), It is going to about double my power usage. What i dont know how to do, is wire the psu correctly to get the required amps, cus ill have to find like two different 12V rails and tinker with them and then i have to set it up so it will turn on and off with my main PSU. Plus I would like some help with a new loop setup just so itll put my mind to ease, I have figured that ill need $250 for the new loop and another $100 for the TEC and new PSU. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRICIATED :D 

O and btw a cooling setup like this will get me temps of around -5 to -10 degrees celcius :D  so i can overclock my CPU some more

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October 24, 2006 6:31:27 AM

ya thats where i got the original idea from :D 
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October 24, 2006 6:36:13 AM

at least you go a reply :lol: 
October 24, 2006 6:41:41 AM

lol, ya, it doesnt seem like many ppl know about TEC cooling, but it seems to work really good once you get it up and running :D  I just didnt see the point in spending a bunch on a phase change cooler :roll:
October 26, 2006 5:47:53 AM

This link shows you how to link 2 PSUs. So when you turn on your PC both PSUs will be on, however one will power up your MB and some components the other powers up water cooling and TEC.

A second PSU and a decent TEC + all the anti-condensation measures you put in will roughly cost as much a vapourchil.

Tell us how this all goes...
October 26, 2006 6:18:27 AM

Here's the thing that you first need to figure out about your planned TEC cooler - is the module a 12v or 24v version - this is very important because it will determine whether or not you have to buy a meanwell. Don't confuse the heatpumping capability of the TEC module with the energy required - though both are measured in watts, both have entirely different meanings

Standard PSU (like those made from Seasonic, Thermaltake or PC P & C are 12v so they wouldn't be able to deal with a 24v module - you'd only be getting half the capabilities of the module in that setting. It would also help to know what the amperage of the module is because that, along with the voltage, will let you know just how much power you would need to actually be able to pump 300+ watts of heat. Hooking PSUS in a series won't hemp if your module is 24v. In PSUs, 12v is 12v - hence the presence of meanwell psus like 300 SE24 or the 600 SE24