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I've got a sata hd in this computer, and 2 other IDE hd's that I want to pull files off of. I plug them into the motherboard but the bios doesn't detect them. I don't want to mess around with it so... now what? I don't want to spend any money because I'm throwing them away afterward.

This is my motherboard for reference.
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  1. Your IDE ports may not be activated in the BIOS.
  2. They're activated.
  3. Is this in windows xp? if yes then:
    Are the jumper settings for master/slave set correctly?
    Does Drive management see the drives?
    Is the ide controllor active in windows?
  4. I second the master/slave issue. Some drives have very specific jumper settings like MASTER or MASTER WITH SLAVE PRESENT. Autodetect doesn't always work.

    Do the drives spin up?

    Have you checked your cable?

    Would it work if you used one at a time?

    Sometimes bios issues can make you think that you can use both IDE and SATA ports at the same time, but it takes a setting change. For instance on the ABIT IC7 and IS7 series the board had to be set to "enhanced mode" to accomodate both sata and IDE at the same time.

    Good luck
  5. The cables are set fine, the bios detected them the other day, but they didn't show up under My Computer so I unplugged them. I've tried using one at a time, even with a different cable but nothing seems to work now.
  6. Do the drives show in disk management? right click my computer select manage, select drive management. If they are not showing up in there then you might have a problem with the ide controllor.
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