USB 2.0 for DVD - through Cardbus ? - for Laptop

Hi there. Today I bought an external USB 2.0 DVD/CD-RW, Sony CRX85U for my Omnibook laptop.
It is a 20x as CD writer, 8x as CD-RW and 8x as DVD.

There are 2 types. The one I bought is the USB 2.0 model, but there is also a Cardbus model. I prefered the USB 2.0 model, so that I can use it on my dektop PC as well.

Of course my XE3 Omnibook does not have any USB 2.0 port, but only USB1.1 ports.

Connencting to the USB 1.1 port the "writing" speeds are lowered to 8x maximum. With the Burn-proof technology everything seems fine so far.

The DVD playback is worthless on the USB 1.1 connection. It is choppy. I knew that, and I bought the USB model by thinking that I will have a better DVD performance if I buy a Cardbus to USB 2.0 convertor

I need your opinion on the result I may have, after buying this adapter. I mean, I know the DVD read spead will be higher, but will the actuall playback be really improved by this connection?

Considering that this model is also sold with a Cardbus option, I guess It will probably be better, but has anyone ever tried watching DVDs with a Cardbus connection, or with a USB 2.0 connection?

According to this table:

Cardbus (refered as PC Card) can have a max speed of 132 Mbytes /sec, which is higher than USB 2.0 speed (60Mbytes)...

So my questions is, with that adaptor will I get the full High speed of the USB 2.0 interface?

Thanx in advance


Blue Skies Bring Tears
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  1. First, I would try the following. Copy the DVD to your harddrive and make sure that the dvd playback is not choppy because of any other reason.

    Second, there are some tests of USB 2.0 harddrives. The maximum data transfer rate which was achieved was about 14megs (although the respective hd was capable of about 30megs). Therefore, I would not necessarily assume that you will get full speed under USB 2.0. But perhaps, USB 2.0 will nevertheless improve the DVD playback ...

    Sorry, that I cannot help you with a "real experience". Perhaps you will find a nice dealer who allows you to try out the adapter in the shop...
  2. Thanx for the info mate.
    I have ordered the cardbus and soon I will test it. As soon as I do it, I will post the results here - as this is something new - and not really tested - so I guess a lot of people will be interested.

    Blue Skies Bring Tears
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