Question on Radeon x1950 Video Card

Hi, i'm looking into the market now for a Radeon x1950 but there are several different editions and im not sure as to what the difference is.

There is XTX, Crossfire Edition and Pro

Can someone please clarify this for me?
I would also like to know which is the best one, and which Brand? as there are several such as HIS, ATI, ASUS, SAPHIRE...etc...
Thanks in advance
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  1. Crossfire means dual video cards (like sli) XTX is the top modle and as for brand i always get ATI made.
  2. XTX and Crossfire versions are exactly the same except you need a Crossfire version if you want to do Crossfire.

    I have an HIS X1950XTX and love it.
  3. I was browsing cards yesterday and I noticed the HIS brand... I've never heard of them before so I wasn't sure on their quality. Personally every ATI card I buy, I buy the ones built by ATI. The only exception was my last card which was a Powercolor X800 GTO, upgraded it to a X1900XTX

    From what I understand

    PRO < XTX

    Pro was used a lot in the pre Xxxxx cards (i.e. 9500 Pro, 9550, 9600, 9600 pro, 9700, 9700pro, 9800, 9800 pro)

    Also you must have a crossfire edition card to be able to run in crossfire (ATI's equivalent of SLI). I remember needing to have a master and slave card with an external dongle... but I belive with the advent of the X1950 Pro, ATI is re-doing Crossfire.
  4. They really aren't much different. Just get the cheapest one. Also, remember, sapphire are just like the ATi reference boards 'cept cheaper and they have a pretty sticker. with 1950xtx cards, there is no performance difference between manufacturers.
  5. The last part isnt actualy true 100% not every manu makes thier PCB's or the specs strict to the refference boards some are faster and some are slower.
  6. lets see now...

    X1950 XTX & crossfire are different to a 1950pro, 2 different core designs used...

    1950pro is newer tech & uses a new design for crossfire mode, the other 2 cards use an external cable & needs a mastercard/slave configuration., The pro has no mastercard, all you need to 2 cards & link them together

    if you want a order, x1950xtx => x1950crossfire > x1950pro
  7. Yea from what I understand on ATI's new chipset they are making crossfire more or less like SLI. Eliminating the dongle... (i just think it's funny saying that) and using not 1 but 2 little switch jobby's on the motherboard. I can't remember exactly why but it has to do more or less with Quad Crossfire


    instead of just spouting off "I guess" or "more or less" I'll just point you to the article I read:
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