Water Cooling Set Up For Sale (1 Week Old) GREAT DEAL!


I recently put together a new water cooling loop for my E6600 and the temp drop and noise level is not enough for me to justify the $260 price tag. (I got an idle temp of 28c with this set).

It consists of:

Aquaxtreme MP-05 (says Aquaxtreme on the block, but was purchased as a D-Tek block (both make the same block): rivals the Swiftech Storm $72 (retails for $75)

Swiftech MCP655 pump (amazing flow and quiet) $69 (retails for around $75-80)

Swiftech MCRES Micro reservoir $15.99 (retails for $19.99)

Black Ice Stealth 120 Radiator $42.50

6 feet of uncut Clearflex 60 1/2" ID (5/8" OD) tubing (and 4 feet roughly of pre-cut tubing to fit my case) $7.50

4 feet of unused Coolsleeves (5/8" OD) (2 feet of cut Coolsleaves to fit my system) $7

10 Black Tube Clamps (5/8" OD) $7.50

PrimoChill Ice (Green) about half a bottle $19.99

Altogther it cost me around $240 plus shipping, when it could have cost me around $260.

The set was put together and used to turn on the computer for 1 DAY and 1 DAY ONLY. Right now it is just sitting on the floor, waiting to be disassembled and sent off to an owner that actually needs the awesome set for a hot cpu!

If I cannot resell this stuff here, I guess I will just auction it off on ebay. I am willing to here any offers, and am willing to bargain.


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  1. I strongly suggest that next time you buy a water cooler system,you do your homework and make sure it's the one you want.Now I'm a bit of a novice myself when it comes to wc,but I always do my reading and check out blurbs regarding hardware that I'm looking at.Even if it takes a week to get your info,it's still worth it.And no I have a cooler as you can see.But hey goodluck.By the way,a wc set up will only cool to room temp. at best.So anything cooler would require exotic cooling materials,(liquid nitrogen and specialized blocks...).


    AMD X2-4400+@2.4 S-939
    2X7800GT IN SLI
    WD300GIG HD
    EXTREME 19IN.MONITOR 1280X1024
  2. I suggest you use the Forumz for their intended purpose... got something to sell? Take it to eBay.
  3. I originally posted this in the "classifieds" forum, but hardly anyone looks in there so I decided to post it in the general forum to see if I got any hits.

    I could sell it on ebay, but it is less of a hassle to try to sell it here.

    Hey, Thanks Dahak for nothing.
  4. Just curious to what cuntry you are in?? Cause I might be interested
  5. United States

    More Specifically: Philadelphia, PA
  6. Post this in the Cooler forum and make a link to your sig. Youll still get a better deal on eBay tough...
  7. where is that forum located.. could seem to find it.
  8. Under the Overclocking section, "Coolers and Heatsinks".
    My memory is failing, did I help you put together your rig?
  9. No.

    I believe we had a mutual like for OCZ products and you commented to me on my stellar computer
  10. If you could wiegh it all except for the liquid coolant? and reply to me??
    Also find out how much it cost to ship it to Melbourne Australia I would be interested if it didn't cost to much. Thanks
  11. I forgot to ask if you had the adaptor for the P4 775 chip as well
  12. List of Sockets Supported

    I'm not sure of the weight.. will have to look into that
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