Poor Scores in 3DMark05 and 06

P4 3.8
Asus P5N32 SLI
4gig RAM (nothing special, from my Dell... so... Dell RAM... I guess)
a couple of a SATA Hard drives (not in RAID)
2 x BFG 7900TGX OC SLI'd
OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply
A few fans kicking around (temp is not an issue)
(clean install of everything)
*WinXP SP2, 4x1gig, i will get my 05 scores tonight*

(cant remember 05 scores but it was not a huge increase)
3DMark06 - 5500ish
3DMark06 SLI - 6500ish

I would have thought that with all the other parts the same and adding another 7900 GTX OC it would have gone up more than that... Going to install CS-Source tonight and see how that one tests...

Anyone have any ideas? (im guessing RAM will be high on peoples thoughts... sadly there is only two processors better than mine that go on this board, I have no foresight... *sigh*)

Thanks yo'all, Happy Hunting !!
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  1. 06 is very platform limited. I don't think your scores are all that off.

    3dMark 05 is a better benchmark for video cards.
  2. Post your 05 scores. 06 favors dual cores highly, which is why you maybe scoring low. Also, I am assuming you RAM is 4x1GB, do you have it setup to run in dual channel mode? Also, your running Windows XP, correct? I have always heard that XP can only utitlize 3 gigs of RAM. Idk... Run the CS:S Stress test too, let us know your score on that as well.
  3. I think your scores are very low, are you sure you're in Sli mode?, here's mine on GT's.

    The '05 score without overclocking

    '05 after CPU 'slightly' overclocked

    and the '06 with the CPU 'slightly' overclocked

  4. You would think 7900GTX in SLI would be higher, could be the CPU is bottlenecking. A 7950GX2, which is supposed to score lower than 7900GTX SLI would be in the 8,000+ range on a stock E6600. Are you using the new Nvidia drivers which have SLI support?
  5. You should be damn near 10k for 06.....

    Your non oc'd score is what I get on my X1800XT with a slight overclock.
    Somethings wrong.
  6. You're right, ram is high on the mind. XP seems to have problems with anything over 2 gig of ram. Four gig may actually slow it down, from what I've read. Other than that, having owned a Dell in the past, Dell doesn't (or hasn't) put in the best ram. Dell gives you what works, but nothing more. If you haven't done it yet, download CPU-Z and use it to get the specs on your ram.

    Your score on SLI is only a little better than mine with a single card, as I score 6100. That doesn't seem right. Whether you have a problem with the cpu or your graphics cards aren't working well together, I'm not sure.
  7. Interesting you say that about 3GIG...
    When I had this processor and memory in my Dell GX620 Tower, it registered in windows as 3.5Gig... I thought, what a b@57@rd... but oh well... then when I put this rig together, it is showing up as 3Gig... now im P'd off... so, I will probably take 2 out and put it back in the dell... which is missing a CPU now....

    As for SLI... I enabled it in the nvidia drivers thing and when I run 3DMark06 it has a bar up the left hand side that goes up and down during the testing... I will get my 05 scores... but i know they are dissapointing, i was wondering if there is anything anywhere else i might have to enable something? (there was something in the bios that i enabled...)

    Informative Screenies mousemonkey, ON YA !!

    On Ya Team !!
  8. Please post a screen shot of that 8O
  9. :lol: No wucking forries mate :lol:
  10. R1Master, the bar up on the left hand side goes up and down means you turned on the SLI Load Balancing (by accident?). Turn it off in NVidia Control Center, man. You have probably checked both boxes SLI and Display Load Balancing. Turn on Load Balancing in SLI mode may lower your score, I think. That stuff is only for driver developer, NOT for regular users like us.

    Yeah, I agree. Your 3DMark05 and 3DMark06 scores are on the low side. I'm not sure whether your P4 3.8 or the 4GB memory confuse the benchmark program. Your 3DMark06 score in SLI mode should be in the neighborhood of 8000, NOT 6500. My single eVGA 7900 GTX at stock speed on AMD64 X2 4600@2730 MHz scores 6098 in 3DMark06. And your 3DMark05 score in SLI mode should be at least 12000.
  11. What are your break downs on 3d06 score's (are you using default settings?) I think your score are way low. these are mine i doubt dual core (mine at 3.8ghz) will increase score by that much Also single 7900gtx with 4gb corsair 675mhz ram. Dell uses 533mhz mem i think.(also what drivers are you using?)

    3DMark Score 6441 3DMarks

    SM 2.0 Score 2821 Marks
    SM 3.0 Score 2617 Marks
    CPU Score 1986 Marks

    My 3dmark 05
    3DMark Score 10081 3DMarks
    CPU Score 6798 CPUMarks

    Detailed Test Results
    Game Tests
    GT1 - Return To Proxycon 39.7 fps
    GT2 - Firefly Forest 29.1 fps
    GT3 - Canyon Flight 56.7 fps

    CPU Tests
    CPU Test 1 3.5 fps
    CPU Test 2 5.8 fps
  12. Quote:
    You should be damn near 10k for 06.....

    Your non oc'd score is what I get on my X1800XT with a slight overclock.
    Somethings wrong.

    Well after a couple of beers and a bit of tweaking this seems to be the most I can squeeze out of my (mis-matched?) set-up :cry:



    C'mon mate, post some screenies pleeeze.
  13. Are you running things in the background when you run 3D06? You should also check that you are running default settings. Personally I think your scores are not waaay off, because of the CPU. I found another user on futuremark with a P4 3.8 running 7900GT in SLI scoring around 6,500, and another guy who scored 6,200 with a P4 3.8 (3.6 OC'd) with 7800GTX SLI. A third guy with with an OC'd P4 3.6 (to 4.1G) with 7900GTX SLI was close to 6,700. Check out the links below. So you are not way off but probably should score higher.

  14. Sorry about the delay.... and the file size of these...
    All settings were standard from the 3DMark 05 and 06... just dead standard... and i didnt have anythign else running, i even disabled my wireless nic...
    http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/9462/scorespu2.png (419kb)
    http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/7655/slijm9.png (766kb)
    http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/3433/cpuzcpudw4.png (689)
    http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/2303/propertiesje9.png (766)
    http://img332.imageshack.us/img332/60/cpuzmemoryap7.png (689)
    http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/155/cpuzspdmp4.png (689)

    I got CS: Source installed, with settings of 1920x1200, high everything, 2xAA... 2x something else too.... and.... stuff... got 140fps....
    F.E.A.R is still to come (but not any time soon, i have misplaced my DVD... idiot)
  15. nice work octop8... I cant find the stupid think on the stupid futuremark site to look at other peoples scores... that is why i asked in the first place... stupid everything ;-)

    I posted my screen shots of things.. hopefully someone notices something...

    Thanks team helperouterers !!
  16. Dude, have you got the Coolbits hack going on?, if not a quick google will sort it for you 8) , give that a go and see if it gets those GTX's cooking with gas :lol:
  17. Quote:
    Dude, have you got the Coolbits hack going on?, if not a quick google will sort it for you 8) , give that a go and see if it gets those GTX's cooking with gas :lol:

    Also, Run dxdiag from your start menu and see if it finds anything worth mentioning. Just for reference. I scored a 9,458 on 05

    With: (see sig)

    (I wonder If i should have gone with the 7900GTO) :?
  18. Dude, bit late I know but did you realise that your PCI Bus is running at 8x not 16x?
  19. Yes that is what I meant, I don't know if it's the reason for low scores but the mobo listed is a 32x and the Nvidia control panel screen shot shows the bus at 8x, I'm using a different mobo granted,the Abit A8N32x, but the Nividia control panel on mine shows the pci bus at 16x, this would suggest to me that somethings amiss.
  20. PCIe Runs at x16 with one card, with SLI it is suppose to run 2x8... that should be okay... i thought...
    Anywho... here is something else...

    P4 3.8
    Asus P5N32 SLI
    2gig RAM (nothing special, from my Dell... so... Dell RAM... I guess, i took 2 out, didnt make a diffrence)
    a couple of a SATA Hard drives (not in RAID)
    2 x BFG 7900TGX OC SLI'd
    OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply
    The Processor, RAM and HDDs are from another computer, work fine... i got a new mobo and new 7900GTX and that works fine... when i put in a second 7900GTX, the gaming tests (farcry and CS:S) and 3DMarks... all (eventually) make the graphics turn to C#@P, colours change in spots (textures) it hangs... I left the ASUS Prboe software and NVIDIA Tempoerature Settings running in the back ground and it the mobo and vid cards never go above 45 deg celcius... so i dont see it being a heat problem but it still locks up and textures stuff up... when in SLI... with one card is fine....
    I have had one of the video cards replaced so done thing it is that, the cpu and ram were fine in the other computer.....

    Anyone know of this? I got one vid card from one place and the rest from another so dont really want to phone them and start playing the blame game... soooo... any advice would be awesome. (hopefully someone says MOBO STUFFED that way i can take it back and say "you take this and i will pay you an extra 100 for the premuim version"..sweeeeet ...
    Thanks Yo'all ! ! !
  21. Well according to the manual p.11 you should be running at 16x + 16x = 32x, on my Nvidia control panel it states Pci bus running at 16x yours shows only 8x, that is if this is the board that you listed ftp://dlsvr02.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/socket775/P5N32-SLI_Deluxe/e2384_p5n32-sli_dlx.pdf
  22. mousemonkey = addict.... im not suprised.... loll ;-D

    sadly i didnt buy the deluxe or premuim or anything ... just the standard one. i checked my manual... ( page xi)... Note: in sli mode the pcie express x16 slots work at the bandwidth of pci express x8. the combinded bandwidth of these maintain the bandwidth of pci express x16...
    I cant see anywhere to change to show it as x16....
    Does anyone have an Asus mobo and SLI 7900GTXs and show x16? What drivers are you using maybe? (please let me mobo be cr@p)
  23. :) Ahhhh, now it all becomes clear (maybe) you might have the earlier Nforce 4 (I think) chipset which only does 16x for one slot or 8x + 8x when in Sli whereas I have a later version that does 16x + 16x when in Sli, 91.47 is the drver version I'm using but I don't think that's the issue, my best mate has an MSI K8N Diamond with such a chipset so I bought a 7900GTO for him so I could nick his 7900GT, and yeah I suppose I am a bit of an addict but I could give it up if I wanted to. :lol: :lol: nah probably not
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