Sprint tried to rip me off today

It's about 10 am.

I went to bed at about 4 am last night.

My dad waked me up and asks me about this $80 bill from sprint.

We have a 300 anytime plan, with unlimited nights and weekends and nation wide calling, for $30 a month.

I have called them up before and had already blocked PCS vision (internet) and text messaging.

There was a $50 charge for internet usage (1500 something kb @ $0.3 each kb)

I called them up, and told them that I had already blocked PCS vision.

They looked that up, and said "it was a temporary block"

"Temporary block"

What the hell does that mean?

It's been blocked since march, and I locked it on my phone.

You would have to enter the security code to either change the settings or access it.

There is no way I could have done it on my phone, I am not an idiot, although they tried to tell me "sometimes we press keys".

Obviously they saw a golden opportunity, [sarcasm]seeing as how we are high rollers, with our $30 a month plan and all[/sarcasm] to rip someone off.
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  1. Contact the FTC and go from there. Dealing with phone companies can be a nightmare.
  2. This is why i don't own a cell phone.
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