Need Help With PS - Size and Selection for Case

Hey Everybody,
Well I went and purchased an Antec P180B, so it will be delivered in the next couple of days. Now I'm looking for a powersupply. I'm currently thinking about getting this one:

However, I'm not sure if it will fit in the powersupply compartment provided in the P180B. Does anybody know if this powersupply will fit in there? I've heard that this powersupply is a bit bigger than others, and I couldn't find any specs on the powersupply compartment for the case.

My other question is: Do you think that Powersupply prices will drop when the new power hungry DX10 cards are released early in November? If so, I might wait to see if this baby comes down a bit. I definately want to get a DX10 card, which is why I'm getting a PS with so much power. Thanks!
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  1. But the P180 has that sort of little metal cage with rubber dampening to go over the PSU, I dont really know if it would be a problem with a 'longer' psu.

    Seasonic modular PSU have the seame footprint has their regular PSU and I know they fit well and that cabling is long enough, but you'll only get 600W with a 10$ extra for this price...

    Damn I feel like a seasonic Fanboy always mentionning them, but they are nice :lol:
  2. Oh well always installed it hehe...
    Then I dont see any reaso why it would fit, but nothing like first hand experience with tha particular combo...
  3. I'm gonna bust my case out of the box in the next couple days and measure that compartment - That'll do it!! :)
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