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I'm looking into having a gaming system built and was wondering if anyone has ever used
They seem to have very competitive pricing for a full system and offer inexpensive parts & labor extended coverage.

Any suggestions or other options would be appreciated.
I would like to find a computer site/shop that can custom build a computer, and would prefer one that offers some type of extended warranty if possible.
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  1. Yes please, any information on this site and company would be greatly appreciated by me too.
  2. PhoenixRzn said:
    I'm looking into having a gaming system built and was wondering if anyone has ever used
    They seem to have very competitive pricing for a full system and offer inexpensive parts & labor extended coverage.

    Any suggestions or other options would be appreciated.
    I would like to find a computer site/shop that can custom build a computer, and would prefer one that offers some type of extended warranty if possible.

    I am new to this forum, but honestly with the info provided here and elsewhere, you can save a lot of bucks building your own system. The resources are out there.
  3. I purchased a computer from Lu Computers back in April this year. I am very satisfied with it. I got it for a lot less than any other pc i have bought. I got hooked up with them on Ebay. They shipped fast and its a super computer. I had a gig memory chip go bad an am now in the process of getting it replaced. When i called them they answered quickly and had me send them details by email. They answered the email quickly with return instructions.
    I had never herd of them before i bought this computer. Should i buy another it will likely be from them.
    You might look around and find what you want elsewhere but should you deside to buy from LU i think you will be happy with them. They do have waranties and support and are very friendly. Only problem i had was those guys dont talk quite like us old country boys. But then they probably had as much problems with my southern accent.
    Should you buy from them i dont think you will have any problems.
  4. I too have had some good experiences with them, once just for a simple repair, then a second time for a relative's computer, and then finally a warranty issue. Now living a block away from their store obviously helps out in that regard, but they're a very reliable vendor with good inventory (the 8800 GT is sold out in quite a few other local stores, but not only is lucomputers still carrying them, they also have 5 other models that the other stores don't carry), with good prices. Since I bought my current rig from a different custom vendor, I was able to compare the assembly job too, and lucomputer did a far superior job with the wiring and the overall neatness.

    Just one negative point is that they surcharge on credit cards, which is actually prohibited by their service provider. But then again, most vendors do that as well. If anyone feels strongly enough about it, just call your local bank's credit card department and report them.

    Anyways, my next upgrade is definitely coming from them (in fact that's how I accidentally came across this thread).
  5. I regretfully had a poor experience purchasing a desktop from LU Computers. I found the company on ebay, where they have strong positive feedback. However, they seem to have a double standard for people like me who purchase directly from their website, because we cannot post negative feedback on their ebay account.

    My primary complaint is their customer service. After placing my order online, a customer representative named Eric called to inform me that the blu-ray player I ordered was out of stock. He briefly searched for a replacement, then something apparently came up and he said he would call back in 10 minutes. This was Friday and he never called back.

    So Monday I called and spoke with someone else who talked me into ordering a replacement blu-ray player with my desktop for $10 more Canadian (it was the least expensive one still in stock). Then on Tuesday Eric emailed me and suggested I buy the same drive as a replacement. I replied that I had already made that order.

    Afterward, I checked LU computer's website for specifications on the blu-ray drive, but it was not listed (although the one I originally ordered, but was out of stock, was still listed). I went to a few other websites which talked about the drive, and it appeared the drive was also an HD DVD player. That was good news, but I didn't want to take their word for it, so I emailed Eric and asked if the drive also played HD DVDs. He emailed back and gave me a link to a specifications page from the manufacturer. The drive shown did include hd dvd playback.

    Based on this information, I bought some hd dvds. However, when the computer arrived, the drive was only a blu-ray player. It was an LG h20l gbc, not ggc. I wrote Eric about the mistake and asked for a replacement or compensation for the trouble. This is what he wrote in reply:

    "The Blue-ray is for blue ray reader is 128.99 CDN (your payment is $128.99 for Blue ray).
    If you want the Blue Ray with HD DVD is 163.99.
    Your payment is for Blue Ray reader."

    After purchasing a $2,000 system in US dollars ($2,300 Canadian), this is how they treat me! I asked for the email address of his manager. He wrote back with a few excuses and an apology, but no email address for his manager nor a resolution to the problem.

    Another reason I am dissatisfied is that it took 10 days for lu computers to construct and ship my desktop, even though 1-7 is what they advertise. In the fine print, which I read afterward, they say it could take longer and they make no guarantees as to time. This means they could take 6 months and still comply with their published shipping policy.

    All is not bad, though. The system works fine and, except for the blu ray drive, it has the components I ordered. I think the only reason I would ever order from them again is to get a barebones system. I could then purchase the graphics card, memory, and drives (which are a little overpriced at lu computers) from other vendors and install them myself.

    I buy a lot of electronics equipment from online vendors, and overall I would have to give LU Computers a mediocre score in comparison.
  6. You also responded to a 2 year old post.......
  7. RCPilot,

    Obviously, my story is for potential buyers who are searching for information about lu computers. I'm sure the person who began the topic purchased his system some time ago.

    Correction: The prior post is from 1 year and 2 months ago, not 2 full years, although it is dated 2007.
  8. Woohpie man.... You get a carrot.....

    Look before yous post.. That's Noobs mistake you did there, so live with it...
  9. I bought a barebones tower with AMD2 and a 500w psu and 4GB of ram. I installed my HD and wireless card and hooked my my HP 21in monitor from a HP media center and a samsund dvd-rw and cd-rom. Power works but no bootup, no power to the IDE drives, the on/off switch does not turn the pc off and the reset does not work. I contacted the LUcomputers and the motherboard manufacturer GEFORCE, no response for the past 4 days.
  10. I konw this is an old thread but this company is still around and im in the middle of dealing with them, so i thought id put my 2 cents in.

    BUYER all my years of buying computers,cars whatever , this is by far the worst company ever. I hear great things from there ebay site but there main site is horrible.

    I bought a new computer from them a little over a month ago. It took them alot longer to build then they said ,which i was fine with but in there rush to get it out they didnt strength test it at all. So i get stuck with a DOA comp, then instead of just having me reship it back like most online stores they make me go threw the computer. the guy who talked me threw the process said it was the psu. Which i new it wasnt but he said hed ship me another 1 and he did via snail mail( i paid extra for fast shipping but got reg ship on rma unit)

    So i get the psu 8 days later to my suprise it doesnt work now i have to send everything but the vid card,optical drive,hdd and heatsink. Now im well over a month and still no mob,cpu,ram or psu cause they sent that snail mail aswell. On top of that now if i get that stuff back and my vid card or hdd dies im out another 2 weeks. I never had a prob getting ahold of them and for the most part they were nice but a new item thats doa from the start shld be replaced right away. I also paid for windows vista cause i thought theyd make sure it was properly tested before it went out butit wasnt.

    In short if you dont live in the same city i would never buy from them, at this point if anything minor goes im just going to buy it myself elsewhere.
  11. I live 5min away from them. And I most say they are a pretty descent store. I can drive to their store and place an order and pick up the system 3 days after the order with no shipping fees. Another thing is that for me atleast they put the system together for free assuming I buy/provide all the parts needed to make the computer.

    The customer service is pretty good as well. My pc crashed due to a virus (a pc I bought from them), and I took it back to the store and they fixed the problem and for 30 dollars more upgraded my system from vista 32bit to 64bit, but did not provide the disc, but they will always re-install it to 64bit if the OS were to crash. They are a bit lazy in the sense when it comes to customer service they take the easiest route out of the issue, but they are a descent little store and pretty good prices (their prices are pretty much the same as newegg, sometimes cheaper especially for motherboards).

    I plane to buy an i5 and p55 ud4 mobo from them next month, seeing as the price for the mobo is cheaper then anywhere else I have seen prices (same with all other mobos).

    In my opinion I would order off of ebay so you can complain and leave a review. OR if you live close enough that you can just drive/walk to the store (like me) I would highly highly reccomend visiting them because they provide very good "in-person" customer service, due to the fact you can tell them what you want them to check and replace etc etc.

    Remember, the person who puts together these computers is an old chinese lady LOL, they are a small chinese (i think) family buissness.
  12. I bought a system from them a month ago. Like the person mentioned from 2007, I did not get the system via ebay because I upgraded the power supply from 500 watts to 550 watts so I could use my GeForce 9800 video card and added a tv tuner and sound card. When I got the system in, putting in my 9800, I noticed the ram did not look like it was in all the way. It wasn't. Neither was the Sound Blaster Audigy SE card. So I reinstalled them. I could not get audio from the Asus My Cinema 7131 tv tuner card either. After messing with all the sound settings, I put in my old LeadTek tuner card and everything was fine. This was on a Friday. The following Monday while watching videos on the net, the computer blue screened. Then, due to blue screens and other crap going on, I formatted and attempted to reinstall XP. It would not let me. They suggested I take out the 9800 video card and try the on board video and reset my motherboard settings to default but there was NO video. I had to send it back AFTER SIX DAYS. They asked that I send my 9800 video card with it. I do commend them on emailing me everything so there was no shipping cost to return it. I got it back Three weels later and (yes I did get my video card back). Hooking everything up, I got no video. When I opened the case, the video card was not even locked into the PCI e slot. After securing it, everything came on but I could not click on some icons nor use some windows functions. And I still had audio problems with the tuner card. Taking with Mark on the phone (Eric was on a service call- imagine that), he told me to register the copy of windows they had installed. I could not. Calling Microsoft, I was was given a code to enter in the run cmd and when nothing happened, the Rep. told me I was going to have to install a VALID copy of XP. I assured him I had purchased a NEW copy of XP from Lu Computers for $122 and he told me to format and install it. I did and SO far 3 days later it appears to be working. I have purchased an audio jumper cable that goes internally from the sound card to the tuner card and now have audio. Questions asked via email are vaguely answered or only partially answered. After several emails I finally was told they had replaced the ECS 6100MP mother board and the two memory modules. I can not leave feedback at eBay but I hope others google them and see this. I sure hope to have this thing for a while this time. STAY TUNED...................... :o
  13. My advice to you is if you don't go to them in person and talk to them (meaning you live near them) or order off ebay it doesnt seem they are that great in tech service, I have had some problems with my PC but since it's a 2min drive Its not a real hassle for me...
  14. "Woohpie man.... You get a carrot.....

    Look before yous post.. That's Noobs mistake you did there, so live with it..."

    I just wanted to post in hopes of pissing off RCPilot again. What an asshole!
  15. As a follow up. I feel I must be fair to them. After receiving the repaired computer, I have had no further problems (knock on wood) with my system.
  16. I had purchased the Gaming PC before 2 years ago, Video card stopped working. So contacted Customer Service and sent video card back. i received the replacement in 2 weeks. Good Service, would like buy a new Gaming PC from them for sure.
  17. LuComputers don't deal with them.

    Made a few purchases off there web site never got the items. Called and spoke with Eric only to get the run around then I e-mailed sales and Eric but only to get no reply.

    Now I stopped payment with my credit card company to get a refund.

    After looking at different web sites with all the bad reviews regarding LuComputers makes me upset I did not shop some were else.

  18. I customized a gaming PC I7 system and maked the payment by paypal. the other day, Eric called me back regaring the CPU and computer case are not available . So he helped me to upgrade the CPU and Case for free. What a good deal!!
    After sending payment in 3 days, i received the tracking number by UPS and received the computer in 5 days.

    Good service and promptly response.

    I am going to purchase another computer from them in shortly.
  19. I really needed a hard to find Notebook, Lu' s website price was v.good and although I was reluctant at first (never herd of them) but I gave them a call. It wasn't in stock, but next day I got a call from them to pick it up if I want. Perfect transaction and service. I hope everybody will get the same experience.
  20. I bought a computer from them in September through their website, and I was very happy with the deal I got.
    Athlon II X4 635 Propus 2.9GHz CPU
    Asus AM3 AMD760 Motherboard
    2GB Kingston DDR3 1333 (Later bought another 2gb)
    Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 512MB
    Western Digital 500GB
    LG 22X DVD RW
    Deluxe ATX Mid Tower Case (basic case, nothing fancy)
    500w PSU

    I didn't order an operating system with it, so I got it for $543.24 (includes taxes and shipping).

    I'm very happy with it. Few days after paying for it through an email money transfer (got a $10 discount, yay) I was given my tracking number and I think it arrived a week later. It's been a few months and it's still working just as well as it did when I first got it (actually even better now since I got the extra 2gb of ram). If I ever want to buy a computer again, I'll most likely buy from them again if the price is right.
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