Dump this "new" look and feel!

Someone please put and END to this hokey site and return it to a truely user friendly interface -- I think you folks have been sniffing too much Microsoft ***.

BTW, stupid fuckin' icons and smiley faces do nothing -- used by idiots that can't express themselves in meaningful words.

Dump the advertisers -- this is getting too much 'in your face' and prevent any real meaningful reading of content.

Get a clue, content sells not this BS of a interface.

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  1. If you ask me, it's more like Apple **** they're sniffing.

  2. I like how angry people have become with their posts.

    Just shows that the forums are attracting the unintelligent who can only express themselves with explicit words. So much for making it a friendly forum..

    This new forum look has destroyed the forum.
  3. The last forum change did the same, Riser. A lot of good people left and a bunch of idiots came in. Now, more good people leave and yet more idiots flood in.
  4. Not talking about you specifically, V8.
  5. Baron's back...
  6. I hae to agree, the .com site is ok apart from the forum but ive just got completly lost on the .co.uk site i couldnt even find the new bioshock review, i was completly lost and since they changed the site i havnt read or been here, i was only attracted by the Bioshock review, now its just to much hassle to just try and find one article.
  7. Add to the mess, it looks like preps are being made to put side-panel ads on the forums. (The width is now set for the post areas).

    This is a bit annoying, seeing how the top is still so wide and the forums so narrow. Please do not try and flood us with all these ads! This is a techie site! You could get people to either leave, or simply block the ads you are putting up here causing your net worth to go to crap.

    Keep the stuff relevant and don't flood people with it!

    And please get rid of this fixed width forum!
  8. I understand their need to make money. Tom's probably started out as a "for the love of hardware" type of site. It caught on, grew, bandwidth isn't free, and more people started getting involved and they need to make a living, etc... So I can see how things get comercialized and there's a need to generate revenue.

    Tom's is going to have an issue, the more and more ads they cram down our throats the less and less people will come here.

    It seems the latest forum changes were not made to improve functionality, but rather to accomodate new methods of ADVERTISEMENT delivery.

    I mainly browse the CPUs subforum. That forums was EXTREMELY busy. I remember I would create a topic in the morning, and if that topic didn't interest anyone it would be on the next page by the time I left work. But now a dead topic can live in that subforum for well over a day, sometimes a day and a half.

    A group of THG posters made a new website, which isn't allowed to be mentioned here, and their forum is actually set up worse than this one (no offense to those folks). So I'm kind of in LIMBO.
  9. I agree. You need to balance content with actual sustainable modes of income.

    If they can't make enough $$to support their operations off of Intel ads (and the like) then they will be forced to give to others.

    One suggestion I would like to make. If $$ is that important, you may want to go a similar route to AVSforum.com. Although they have a bit too many ads for my taste, they are more in step with the actual dealers of the items the talk about and review.

    Only limitation? No trashing a sponsor, and no direct price comparisons.

    They do have a bit too many ads for my preference, but most have to deal with the products you would be looking for, and NOT Russian mail order brides from a random Google-Ad.....
  10. I wish to recind my previous complaint about the new forums ... have gotten used to it now.

    I just want a link on the front page to Australia ... I am currently going via the US site ... well who knows.

    I note the mods etc have been very active helping people navigate around over the change period - which is great.

  11. The reason why we don't have a Tom's Hardware AUS is because we don't have anyone to change prices to AUS dollars. It's not because we love Australia any less. In fact, we considered using Fosters for the beer cooled pc.
  12. Tomshardware was the best. This new interface seems to have taken away all that was good about it. After years of coming here religiously for answers I can no longer find them. I'll be looking for a new source in future - I wish I didn't have to, but I can't see any option.

    Postscript: Any forum that allows you to post first and then tell you that you can't post sucks. Luckily I'm experienced enough to copy any post text beore I use a submit button. Otherwise this wouldn't even be a post.
  13. Sorry I have taken a while to respond but I thought I'd put a bit of work into getting an Aussie Mirror site for THG.

    As you can see I have flopped miserably ... any advice guys?

    .... guys ???

  14. Did I see someone say they were going to soak a PC in Fosters? Heresy!
  15. ignores n00b ...

    guys ... or Riser ??
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