HELP PLEASE!! Computer Freeze

Hello guys, I know you can help me, I just bouth a PNY geforce 6600 256mb agp card, I was using a geforce Fx 5200 agp too. Well I didnt install XP again, I just remove forceware drivers and the fx5200 devices. I shut down the computer, unplug the 5200 and put the new Pny 6600 agp card, of course whit the Y cable (like the hard drive), run xp and install the new 91.75 forceware drivers. All was good, then in this days, my computer starts to freeze, weird freezes, unplug the memories (using 2 512mb sticks), and no luck. I am usign the pc like broswing the web and stuff, freeze like in 30mns.

:twisted: :twisted: Please guys!! what is the F@#ing problem!! Oh yeah, using omega 500W PSU
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  1. Not sure if I've missed something through translation/or beer but I'd try...

    If you install it(free version is all you need), follow the instructions in the readme, you shouldn't go wrong.
  2. Nope, I will try to make a repair or going to clean XP and make a new one, the thing is there are software alredy upgraded (dsl conection), and I dont whant to start all over again!!, I will try the repair them. Also going to check the PSU, I see the +12v rail has 23A. Actually using 2 dvd drives and 1 HD and the video card itself. Maybe I will check the memories, they are from diferent brands and crapy ones. I will tell you later :P

    When you unistalled the drivers did a window pop up warning about a shaired file about to be deleted? If so did you delete it?

    It could be that you have lost a system file when unistalling the old drivers. Try a repair install of XP.

    Pop the XP disk in and restart windows. When the disk loads up it will as if you want to hit R for repair of do a fresh install. For now go with the fresh install. It will then come back and tell you that there is a copy of windows on the drive. It will ask if you want to delet and do a fresh instal or performa repair install. Norw you go with the repair install. Once that is done You will be good to go. That is if you have a system file missing.

    Lets look at another option. Are you using both video cards? What is your full system specs? How many amps are on the +12v rails of the PSU? There is a slight chance that this is a power issue.

    Download Memtest86+ and run it for about an hour. If any errors come up you have a bad stick of RAM.

    I think that about covers everything.
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