Screen dimming in full screen videos

Alright so just recently my screen has been dimming when I stream videos(south park studios, youtube). I have my laptop screen set to dim after three minutes of being inactive, but i thought watching videos was an active process. After five minutes my laptop screen turns off, which is how I have it set for inactive use.

I'm using an Hp dv7t laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit installed.

Maybe this isn't a problem with windows, but a problem with the browser I am using? I'm using the latest version of Firefox.

Thanks for any help guys.
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    I actually experience the same problem when watching lengthy videos on YouTube or another video site. Watching videos is only considered an active process when you're using a standalone player like Media Player or VLC. Your best bet is to create a new power profile, name it "for video watching" or something similar, then disable everything affecting the display.
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