BioShock and Awe (sorry..)

Couldn't resist making a thread because you guys didn't! (or is it somewhere else in the forums, guarded by a monkey with part of its skull missing and has exposed brains).

Since Bioshock has been announced, I was totally indifferent to it, I mean, so many other games were announced that had me salivating, I just didn't care, but after seeing the gameplay in your video, o-m-f-g I haft to get it. Hopefully there will be a PC demo (although one not already this close to release) so I can see just how my old system can run it.

The game looks sweeeeeeeeeet. I hate scary shooters (I never finished system shock 2, it just gives me the goosebumbs everytime I play, and half life 2's ravenhold or w/e it's called, that was some messed up half life), I just need this game so bad.

When I used to play Doom, because I was so freaked out, i'd just run into a room and mow everything down with the chainsaw.
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