How do Install my HP LaserJet 4V onto my Network

Hey guys!

I was wondering if you guys could help me or direct me to where I could learn how to network my printer HP LaserJet 4V to my home network. I have a fairly simple network. It consists of:

Cable Modem -> Router (with 4-port switch) -> 4-port Switch -> Wireless Access Point.

and everything in between is connected to a few computers.

I was wondering how would I go about installing my printer which has a network interface on the back of it to plug into my network into one of my available ports on my switches.

I figured I just needed to plug it into one of the available ports and my router would assign it an IP but I was sadly mistaken. I've heard you need "special" software to locate the printer on the network and configure it there, I downloaded a software called HP Jet Direct that seems to do it but it said it couldnt find the printer on my network.

Is there something I am doing wrong? When I plug the printer into my network, the lights on my switches turns on as the printer is on... or is this printer out of date where I cant do what I am trying to do and I need one of those "Printer-type switch boxes" that i've seen in the stores?

Thanks again everybody! :D
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  1. It's fairly straightforward. With your particular setup, you will need to go into your router setup and look for "Attached Devices" and "UPnP".

    With my single Netgear 614+, I just make sure UPnp is activated or turned on, and that I can see the printer in the "Attached Devices". Also, you may have to have "File and Print Sharing" activated in the Network Properties Dialog Box.

    If this doesn't work, you can also attach the printer to the closest computer via USB and bypass the routher althogether and use XP to automatically configure the network connection for you.

    Good luck!
  2. If your router uses the DHCP server, check the client list for DHCP on the router to find the address. Also try to print out a configuration page from the printer, this will also list the network settings of the network interface.

    Once you get the IP and/or MAC address you can use a computer running Win2k or XP to share it.

    Click "Start" then "Printers and Faxes..."Click "add printe"r>"local printer"(Don't scan Network)
    Then create a TCP/IP port for the IP address of the printer interface. Load the correct drivers, share it, then install it on the client PC's (Browse to the printer through the network, right click>Connect) and then your done. :wink:

    PS: Don't forget to Allow "File and Print sharing" through the Windows/Firewall in the Control Panel! :lol:
  3. thanks for the replies guys...

    I think I almost have it but may need alittle bit more help :lol: .. basically I was pushing some buttons on the printer to find a way to print its internal information and I was able to get the printers mac addresse and IP and such.

    Unfortauntely the problem I am running through is when I access my router to list my Attached Devices I do not see the Printer listed... I tried looking for the word "UPnP" within my router setup but I couldnt find one at all. I have a NETGEAR RP614v2 model. Anything that I do to try to locate the printer within the network hasnt been able to find it.

    Right now the only thing hooked up to the printer is a CAT 5 cable into its Hewlett Packard JetDirect (J2550B) Print Server interface to one of my networks switches.

    however if I plug in a parrallel port cable to the printer, it of course prints fine..... I assume I could just share the printer off with the parrallel port connected to a computer but that would defeat the purpose of this and I'd have to have this PC on at all times to share the printer I assume...

    anyway thank you all for your help!
  4. awesome! thanks a lot for all the help guys! I didnt have any manuals so all I had was you and the internet for help! I had to perform a cold reset on the printer so the network interface would accept its own assigned IP within my network.. the settings it had before were from a previous network and it wasnt communicating with mine!

    thanks again all! :D
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