Can you use raptors with 3.0GB/S Mobo?

I am getting an Asus Crosshair motherboard. It has only 3.0GB/s hookups, Im assuming getting raptor hard drives is out of the question? Thanks for the help.
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  1. Not out of the question. I own a Gigabyte 965P-S3 which only has 3G/sec (sataII) ports and my Raptor runs fine... It's simply going to run @ its rated speed (1.5G/sec... Sata I).
  2. "generally" these kinds of interfaces negotiate to older slower speeds, SCSI is the same, PCI works that way - a Gigabit network adapter works at 100Mbit if that is what it's plugged in to, etc.

    Of course there are always exceptions!
  3. I've considered that motherboard too, and the information I got was that they are backwards compaptible and so allow the use of Raptors and any other 1.5gb hard drive. You could ask ASUS themselves, or Newegg for that matter, as they would probably knwo, since they have to warrenty the things.
  4. God I hope this is a joke. If someone has to ask this question they shouldn't be building a computer to begin with. It's like asking if ATAPI drives will work on the IDE bus.....

    No offense intended, but dam, google it first.

    I mean, think about it, how could a top of the line MB and top of the line HD's not work together when they are targeted at the same market? Well I guess if sony were involved.....
  5. ... 8O ... :lol:
  6. LOL Thanks guys. I acctually wasnt expecting that it would work. I never thought of the backwards compatibility. Well thanks again for the help.
  7. There isn't a drive or an array out there that can saturate the SATA bus...let alone the SATAII bus. So, even if the Raptor did work at the full 300Mb/s transfer rate, instead of the 150Mb/s standard it will use, you wouldn't be able to saturate the bus.
  8. Googling is fantastic for answering fairly simple questions, but I had a rough time figuring this very question out a couple of weeks ago. Give the guy a break. It's not obvious, and google can be uncooperative if you don't know exactly what you're asking.
  9. Quote:
    Soon after SATA's introduction, enhancements were made to the standard. A 3 Gb/s signalling rate was added to the PHY layer, offering up to twice the data throughput. To ensure seamless backward compatibility between older SATA and the newer faster SATA 3.0 Gb/s devices, the latter devices are required to support the original 1.5 Gb/s rate.

    Third paragraph in the second googled entry for "SATA".
  10. nice... 8)
  11. LOL. Well I was gonna try google, but ....

    A. Im lazy.

    B. I didnt think of a good question that google would understand.

    C. Im too stupid to figure out good phrasing for google to understand.

    ROFL. Thanks for the help guys. I appreciate it.
  12. It's amazing what a single word can turn up. Sometimes I think google is reading my mind! :lol:
  13. So... whatever happend here? Did you get your Raptor installed? Did you get the new mobo?
  14. No nothing yet, just doing research for when I do hope to get a new comp around x-mas.
  15. Well, good luck on your new build!
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