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Why do I have to do this TWICE.????I already typed.... I cannot send youtube emails to a friend when I send a video via email. I could do it all along up to a couple of weeks ago. Recently, when I hit send I get a msg stating "THIS MSG IS NOT VALID" and my video do not get sent.!!!yet my msg is only a single sentence with very few words..BTW...Who in the hell is TOM....I thought I signed on to a YOUTUBE FIX-IT SITE..????Roy @
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    When was the last time you checked your computer for virus?
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  3. Thanks for your answer..My computer is virus free. ( had it in a computer shop 2 wks ago). I can send videos by email till the cows come home...but the moment I type a single word in the "msg field/window" I get a msg saying "THIS MSG IS NOT VALID". After I delete my "little" msg, I can send it just fine. I tried it again on three diff videos a few mins ago. I am NOT sending it to multi friends/addresses, Just ONE....Please try again with your answer. I believe Youtube has blocked these Msgs due to a scammer problem & all of us now has to pay the price. I have NO OTHER problems with New Computer of mine...Pls try to help me, The problem started about 5/6 weeks ago. Before then all was fine...Roy...
  4. OH...BTW...I have read other people's msgs making the same complaint as me......within days of my first it's not just me...Thank You Again......Roy
  5. Thank you!
  6. Your welcome....are you going to help me further...??....
  7. Ubrales said:
    Thank you!


    Your welcome...Are you going to try and help me further...??...I have an additional question/info..I tried another email address at one time this week and the video and the email msg went "successfully". Just once !!. Is it possible that the owner of the email address that I am always getting the msg "That email is not valid" has in some manner had Youtube/Google block me from sending video "email msgs" to them...??. Even tho I can send the video just fine, but without an accompanying msg. As I stated above, once I delete the msg from the "Msg Window" (even if it's just one word) and click SEND the video will go "successfully".....I do not know enough about Youtube/Google and it's individual relations with it's customers to answer my own question...Thanking you in advance for your reply....Roy.....
  8. Yes, I will help you further on this thread.

    Because video files are much larger than text files, the entire email might be diverted to a dedicated server for processing. Another possibility and this is a scary one, is that the email is diverted to some unscrupulous site. Remember you mentioned "Tom"?

    Something more than simple email forwarding is going on. Are your emails getting diverted to a spam site? Perform complete anti-virus, anti-spyware scans in 'Safe Mode'.

    These days it is just too risky to forward links to others (friends), because, if their computers get infected, so will yours. Same goes for the use of other people's flash (thumb) drives in your computer.
  9. Thank you Ubrales..When I used the word "Tom" I was referring to "Tom's Hardware" which is the sit we are now conversing on. (sadly it was a bit of sarcasm on my part)
    FYI, I did a complete 38 minute scan by AVG around 3 weeks ago and it reported that all was safe and well. No problems found..
    It appears that sending Video emails work for some Friends/Non-Friends and not others. I sent two birthday videos complete with an email msg to two people since our last connection, which worked fine.?

    As stated earlier, it's the email portion (in the msg window) of the Video that cancels out the Video from been sent. Without the msg ALL videos to ALL friends/Non-Friends, the transmission "Sends" successfully.
    I don't believe scammers/hackers are involved. (but I am far from been an expert)...FYI, 3 weeks ago, I uninstalled FB, Windows Live, Google and re-installed it all again ( as a NEW user), using completely NEW Passwords just to help eliminate the possibility that scammers/hackers were at work.
    I know you are doing your best and I really appreciate all your suggestions. But I am no farther ahead it seems.
    I will try again tonight/tomorrow to send videos c/w an email msg to that same email address where I get all the "That Video is not Valid" messages & will report how or if I can get it to work...(good things happen to those who keep trying and wait")
    Thank You again & please keep helping the best you can....
  10. Thank you Roy!

    I cannot stress how important antivirus and anti-malware scans are!

    Are you close to a MicroCenter? They have excellent free seminars on various computer related topics including security. After attending the one on 'Wireless Security' I modified and curtailed my ways of using the internet. One of the tings mentioned was the use of "free" eCards for birthdays and other occasions. Use of these programs gives the programs (and some are legit) access to your computer. You can imagine what this means in the hands of unscrupulous people.

    We were all strongly advised never to open "links" (jokes, videos, etc.) sent as email attachments from people, including close friends. The reason for this is that if their computers are infected, guess what happens to your computer! And such malware has the problem of accessing your address book and sending dangerous emails with you as the sender, to all your contacts.

    Please do your own research on this vital topic and take proactive steps.

    For your information, I have Win 7 64-bit on my computer, and I have 'XP-Mode' Virtual PC. It is imperative that I install a separate anti-virus on this Virtual PC and update it and run scans regularly. This point is missed or overlooked by many.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts!
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