AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Or FX-55?

I need help deciding on one of these CPUs. Both are around $200.00. Which will give overall better performance? I am upgrading from a A643200+. Thanks for any help.
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  1. It all depends on what you're doing. It you do a lot of multi-tasking and like being able to run multiple programs at once, then the 4400+ is a better deal. I have one myself and I like it. But, the 4400+ doesn't overclock all that well. I've had mine up to 2.63 mhz, but getting beyond that developes some problems.

    If you're mainly into gaming and like overclocking, the FX-55 will probably be better. It allows much higher multipliers and is generally more rugged. Actually, I did try one myself a couple days ago when Newegg had a sale. I figured that if it didn't score substantually on 3DMark06, I could gie it to my son. However, it was dead on arrival, so I RMA'd for a refund.

    Migrating from your present CPU, either of these will give a good performance boost. Take your pick according to your needs and style and have fun.
  2. CPU charts on, the X2 would be my preference.
  3. thanks for all the help. i think i will be going with the X2 4400+.
  4. Quote:
    The X2 will last you longer then the FX55. Then you will have a dual core CPU and be ready for any upcoming multi threaded applications and games.

    Has anyone seen or heard of any mutli threaded apps yet that are vastly superior? When will we see mainstream development? Quad cores are just around the corner and games still written for single core CPUS.....just wondering.
  5. If you plan on overclocking, the FX-55's unlocked multiplier will come in real handy.
  6. Anybody know how far you high you can clock an FX-55 on air?
  7. Quote:
    Anybody know how far you high you can clock an FX-55 on air?

    I've personally seen 2.93. I've read reports of 3.1 with good aftermarket coolers. Don't remember the exact specs on how it was done though.
  8. That's not bad. Single core AMD chips are pretty cheap now too. The FX-55 (90nm version) can be had at newegg for $220 and you get a free 250GB HD, which I guess is worth $70 or so. I paid $275 for my 3700+ about a year ago :( .

    That being said, I would probably still get the X2 4600 for $230 (no free hard drive though). Its 2.4ghz, probably won't OC as well as the FX-55, but its dual core. Even not taking into account that dual core apps will come out sooner rather than later, it would be worth it to me just for the multitasking advantages.
  9. Go for the X2 alot more future proof, since new games coming out work better on a dual core.
  10. I would choose the X2-4600... you should with minimal effort be able to overclock it to 2x 2.8GHz stable for 24/7 operation.
    Maybe even 2.9GHz...

    It is rare for a FX55 to overclock past 3GHz and remain stable...

    And the FX55 at OC'd to 2.9GHz imo would not be as good overall as an X2 OC'd at 2.8GHz...
  11. Ha, if you sort the CPU charts by Price/Performance index, it shows the x2 4400 at an index of 93145.16 whereas the 3500+ for example is at 10.30 (lower being better). I think they must have a ridiculous price listed for the 4400.
  12. Yes they have the price before the price drops. so don,t look at that but the rest is ok.
  13. Quote:
    It is rare for a FX55 to overclock past 3GHz and remain stable...

    Sadly so it is for a X2

    And the FX55 at OC'd to 2.9GHz imo would not be as good overall as an X2 OC'd at 2.8GHz...

    and the X2 beats by a mile!! *hippodrome announcer voice*
  14. Good choice.I have one myself and I am very satisfied with it.It games well and is awesome at multi-threaded apps.I have gotten mine to 2.5 on air,but run it at 2.4.Now I am trying water cooling.Hope I can get to 2.9 as some say i should.Goodluck and enjoy.


    AMD X2-4400+@2.4 S-939
    2X7800GT IN SLI
    WD300GIG HD
    EXTREME 19IN.MONITOR 1280X1024
  15. does anyone know if the fan/heatsink that came with the A64 3200+ can work on the X2 4400+? The reason i'm asking is because the x2 4400+ that i want is OEM. Once again thanks for all of the help.
  16. It will work, but dual cores are going to make more heat. A better cooler is in order. I think a Opteron 165 would be better. I've seen them for under $150 OEM. I bought one retail from newegg for $159. It came with a nice heatpipe cooler.
  17. If you want to overclock, I would definately buy an aftermarket cooler like the zalman 9500 or 7700 or one of the thermaltake typhoons.
  18. I have one and helps a lot when I am rendering or Playblasting in Maya. And if you are a multitasker go for the X2 and soon Games like Crysis Would recommend a Dual Core Proc to run it's full potetial a single core will do but dual core would be better along with the most important part, a sweet GPU.
  19. There are far, far better options than the Zalman 9500.
  20. What would you recommend?
  21. I love my 4400+. I would stay away from the ADA4400+... Look for the ADV4400+ Version... From what I have seen and read the ADV version is a much better overclocker and is a 89W versus the 110W ADA...
  22. It depends on how serious you want to be with it and how much money you have. Currently the Arctic Cooling Freezer series still gives you the best performance for the price although the Scythe Mine is nipping at it's heels. It depends on how cheap you can get the Mine for as it performs better but is usually a bit more expensive. Both will perform on par with the Zalman CNPS9500 for much less in price. The new CoolerMaster Hyper 7 may actually jump into this group too but it wasn't available the last time I checked.

    The problem with the 9500 is not that it isn't a good performing heatsink. The problem is that it isn't a good heatsink for it's price. However, with the CNPS9700 coming out we may start to see the price drop on the 9500 and it might start becoming recommendable. It would have to drop to the $35.00 range for that to happen.

    On the high-end Scythe and Thermalright seem to have the position locked but it appears Zalman may have finally provided a good cooler for the cost with the CNPS9700 and may edge out Thermalright because you usually have to add in the cost of a good 120mm fan with Thermalright's products whereas the Scythe and Zalman options come with fans.
  23. Fair enough. I actually use a zalman 7700cu on my PC (you are right, the 9500 is a little expensive). The only issue that I have with the 7700 is that its really wide and almost touches my ram and my gpu cooler. The fan is also not as quiet as it could be. I haven't seen the zalman 9700 yet.
  24. FOCK THAT!! If that's it's official price, Zalman can kiss my ass.

    From the initial reports, the fan speed and noise could have been the CNPS9700's achilles heel. It looks as though the fan is louder and needs to spin much faster (it's 110mm, not 120mm) in order to keep up with Scythe's or Thermalright's (depending on what fan you go with) offerings. That price is a joke. I thought the Scythe Ninja B's higher price sucked, but at least it was an awesome performing heatsink. The Ninja B can be had a lot cheaper than $75.00 and easily outperforms the CNPS9700.

    I laugh at anyone who pays $75.00 for that thing. You will be openly mocked.
  25. I'd take the X2 4400+, especially if you run multiple apps at once.
  26. Quote:
    FOCK THAT!! If that's it's official price, Zalman can kiss my ass.

    Its Zalman... their lips print on our asses is nothing new...
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