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I installed a Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu LED on my Opteron 165, I was wondering how you run prime95 on both cores with a good setting to help me get my AS5 burned in well. By "burn in" I assume that the CPU should get above 30C when multitaskign with over 50 processes active. I tried to use prime95 before, but I couldn't seem to get it to work. Please help me to get this program to work or PLEASE give me any suggestions for other good programs for CPU burn in. Thanks for any help.



P.S.: What is a good program for monitoring CPU/PC temps? thanks
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  1. try orthos or folding @home (windows based)
    folding can run in the background for what ever duration of time you choose and keeps the cpu burning about 50% or less.
    thats enough to set your as5 without hitting high temps.
  2. prime95 is also good. mersenne.org
  3. Ok for prime95 you need to have access to most of the advanced menu options. Just go to prime.ini (i think thats what its called) and type in on a new line:


    (unless you already used the password that is mentioned in the manual)

    Then open up prime95 and go to the advanced menu and select Affinity. Then uncheck the box that says something like "Let program run on any cpu" and make sure the box underneath is set to "0"

    Then go back to your prime95 directory and create a shortcut for prime95.exe Once you've done that right click on the shortcut and click properties. At the end of the target box type a space and then "-A2" (or any number in place of 2)

    When you run that shortcut the program creates new prime.ini and local.ini files so you can configure it differently to the original program. Go to Affinity again and uncheck that box and set the cpu to "1".

    Ok now all you have to do is run the normal prime95.exe and then run the shortcut at the same time to have it run on both cores. Just remember to do the torture test to get some real burning in. And DONT FORGET TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR TEMPS!!!(hope you didnt miss that point :wink: ) 2 instances of p95 really heats up the cpu(s) because both are pumping out heaps of heat. I got up to 73C on my e6600 stock cooler and stock speeds in a matter of seconds.
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