Where do I find Freecell on Windows 7

I have a new Windows7 32bit prgram. How do I get the old XP versions of FreeCell, Solitaire and Spider on my new computer?

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  1. Hit start, type freecell (or the other names of the games your looking for). It should pop up on the list and then you can hit enter and enter the game.
  2. Go to start,type games in the search box,then click turn windows features on and off,and you can enable the games in here!
  3. Thank you so much area51reopened! You're a legend. You gave me exactly the right instructions to find XP Freecell and Solitaire on my new computer.

    You've saved my sanity! I need to relax every now and then with a game of Freecell in between games of Lexulous!!

    Good on you

    Angel Ears
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