Wich batter?


I want to buy one of these video cards:
1)Leadtek Geforce FX6800XT 128 Mb AGP Retail

2)GeCude ATI X1600 PRO Gamer Edition, 256MB DDR2 128-bit GC-RX1600PGA2-D3 AGP

3)Gigabyte Geforce 7600GS 256Mb DDR2 128-bit AGP Bulk GV-N76G256D-RH

wich of them is best for games?
I'm sorry if I have erors in my English spelling

please answer my quickly!

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  1. I'd batter them in a nice beer batter. Or possibly just your basic pancake batter.

    Mmm, pancakes.


    Go to http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/graphics/charts.html and put the different cards in, depending on what games you want to play.

    As a rough guide, the 6800GT (which is close to an XT if I remember correctly) scores 1210 in 3dmark 2006 at 1024x768, the X1600 Pro scores 802 and the 7600GS scores 1118.

    In Half-life 2 Ep 1 at 1024x768, the 6800GT scores 78fps, the X1600Pro scores 49.0 fps, and the 7600GS scores 68fps.

    Looking at the specs, actually, the 6800XT is basically a cut-down 6800GT, less pixel pipes - it's a slower-clocked but better-architectured version of the 6600GT.

    Of those you've posted I'd definitely go with the 7600GS.

    Hope this helps!
  2. sorry i dont mean this to make fun of you but i love batter!

    anyways i would go for the gigabyte im not big on "gineric" hardware.
  3. I need the video card for NFSMW and NFS CARBON so can you please tell me what is the most powerful video card for AGP (not the 7800GS i know that :P)


    p.s preferable GeForce!
  4. If you can try and get a 7900 GT or GTO failing that an XFX 7800GTX would most likely give best result, I'd reckon.

    You can check it out on this site if you wish and let us know what you think.


    Edit : Bugger, I just realised you were after an AGP card, I'll go have a look.
  5. >Fastest AGP card

    Dunno. There's at least one other thread on this forum dealing with it - I suggest looking there! ;)

    I believe the current AGP champ is a X1950Pro?
  6. Depending on how much you want to spend and how long you intend to keep the card for I would recommend either of these simply because I’ve had a couple of XFX cards and never had a problem and found them to be quite fast, and my best mate has tried several BFG cards with similar results i.e no probs and they ran quite fast.



    The 6800 would be the one I'd go for because it's faster and cheaper, I only link to that site because it shows the specs for both cards.

    HTH :)
  7. Don't think that's a GeForce though is it? :roll:
  8. stay away from a Geforce 6800XT,even old 9800pro is alot better. :wink:
  9. Quote:
    Don't think that's a GeForce though is it? :roll:

    that's picture of a 7800gs
  10. Err did you miss the bit were I said "I only link to that site because it shows the specs for both cards."
  11. sorry my bad :wink:
  12. No worries Dude, YoYo's are as bad as Newegg when it comes to wrong pictures,Peace 8)
  13. Best Batter? The "Master" of course. Or is that "bater".

    Yes I know spelling is off but its still humorous. bah.

    As for the actual question.... Get the 7600GS and if possible find a Palit brand one. From what I've read they overclock better than the other two cards and if you want to try a little pencil mod or even have the soldering skills to add a resistor then it OCs like mad.

    ***Disclaimer***: I accept no responsibility for anyones loss of GPU or other equipment due to "modding" of their equipment. Its hella fun and a kick when it works well and very sad when it doesn't go quite so well :)
  14. What are your computer specs? You might be buying a video card that you will not even be able to use it potential performance.

    If your system can handle the latest and greatest video card then I'd wait a couple more weeks. The X1950Pro AGP edition should be out and this will be the fastest AGP card out there.

    You might want to see if you can't pick up an X800XL or X800GTO. These 2 cards are better than any of the original 3 that you picked out.

    Depending on the cost, a 6600GT might be the way to go.

    The XT (eXcremenT) for Nvidia is NOT the same as XT (eXTreme) for ATI.

    Here's the order that I believe the cards are in.

    X1950Pro > X800XL > X800GTO >= 7600GS > 6800XT >= 6600GT > X1600 Pro

    Out of the three you mentioned, I'd get the 7600GS.
  15. :twisted: As this is the Nvidia section harping on about ATi cards is just wrong IMO, but then as ATi will soon be dead and gone (Hoorah for AMD!!) I suppose the fanbois can be allowed a final fling, before the cold clammy hands of death encircle the corporate throat of what was once a crappy spewer of graphic dross. :twisted:
  16. Ati is alive and well even after getting bought by AMD. How'd you think they'll be able to release their new R600 series if they'd be dead in a few more months?
  17. I'd say none of them. Get this instead:Aunt Jemima Home-style Original Pancake Batter, Frozen Food, 16 oz

    Or if you need the video card this would probably be the best possible AGP choice: XFX PVT73AUDF7 GeForce 7600GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X Video Card
  18. Nah u gotta get the Drakes brand beer batter, its all i use.
  19. Don't buy a 6800 anymore, they can't compete with the other 2.
  20. Never heard of Drakes. Is it that good?
  21. Oh yeah, really cheap and makes a wonderful thin coating of crispiness.
    When you use drakes you taste your food, not the thick breading.
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