SLI Graphics, or Single graphics with Physics?

I want to know wich to buy: Another 7300GT to match the one I have so I can ru sli, or a physics card? At the moment I have a 7300GT from BIOstar, a gigabyte mobo and a 3000+ AMD cpu. I do not have enough momey to upgrade my cpu and momory, so wich would be best?
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  1. If you really want to spend your money, then get the SLI.

    Not all games/applications need Physics card and not much games/applications support Physics card.
  2. I wouldn't do either. Physics cards are a waste for now. There are only a couple of games that barely support it right now. IMO it's pretty pointless SLIing lowend GPUs. Why not take that +-$300 ($200 PPU $100GPU) and get a better GPU and more RAM (if you have less than 1GB). Either one of these would be much better than SLIed 7300GTs.
  3. Cool, thx man! Whats the performance diff between the 1950pro and the 1900XT? Will it also help if I upgrade my CPU to a 3800+ or maybe a dual core?
  4. The X1900XT is faster than the X1950pro, but it's hard to beat the price/performance ratio of this...

    This is one hell of a deal Cleeve found on Newegg.

    EDIT: Link didn't it does, but now Out Of Stcok
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