Cannot make recovery DVDs

Purchased new Acer Veriton VM498G-Ui3550W computer. When trying to create back-up DVD's, system claims that the DVD's aren't formatted and asks to format them. When formatting is ok'ed, the computer works for a while and then states that formatting failed. I have the same results when trying DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD+R/W discs.

Acer has given me two sets of instructions on how to creaate recovery disks, but both instruct me to launch programs that don't show up on my "Start - All Programs" menu.

Acer has offered to send me recovery disks, but I am concerned why the machine will not make them.

I did place recovery files (successfully ?) into the data partition of the hard drive, but this will be of no use with a hard drive failure.
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  1. Try burning a ISO image file to a dvd and see if it works. You can test with Ubuntu or something. Just want to see if the disc/optical drive might be bad.
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