Now, why is the RE5 trailer controversial?

I do not see where this is controversial... Unless you (try to) count the fact that it seems he is in Africa somewhere...
Please fill us in on why because I have seen nothing on this!!
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  1. You hit the nail on the head. Resident Evil nearing it's 10th title (Across all systems) has finally traveled to what appears to be Africa. Despite the previous games settings in many others countries - suddenly it's wrong to stage the next one in Africa.

    You can google it for more information.
  2. lol, that's it.. I guess, the movie is in a similar setting with a different story..

    Nice avatar, KI owns MK, too bad it wasn't as popular. FULGORE!!!!!!!
  3. Probably because all the zombies you kill are black and poor? Come on, the same happened with GRAW and the Mexicans. Even Pokémon got censored because a "Jynx" was black. If gaming depended on this kind of people, we couldn't even play Tetris because the chips are too phallic or something like that...
  4. Would someone complain if the main character was black, and was killing white zombies? Probably not. But according to whoever decided that game was racist, the scenario I outlined should be considered racist too. There is such thing as racism towards white people, believe it or not.
  5. I for one am offended by the lack of black zombies depicted in the mass media! We had to wait till 2002 in 28 days later before we got to see our first brother zombie. I say equal representation!
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