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I recently bought some parts to make a new computer. I had ordered the amd 3800x2 but the company let me wait for 3 weeks to tell me it was gonna take another 2 weeks or more for it to arrive. So fed up with waiting im going to the local retailer to buy a 3600 x2 (cause they overprice the 3800) But does anyone know if the MSI k9n neo (called neo-f in the usa) supports this processor? MSI website says its still testing (for over 2 months lol) So i wondered if theres anyone that knows if it works?
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  1. It 'should' do I reckon, well according to this link it does :-


    I just looked again and noticed it said 'none', Oh bugger :oops:
  2. :lol: Doh.. nm.. I was thinking it was 939 MB.

    Kinda werid that it does say its still under testing.
  3. its not a myth, its just nearly impossible to find
  4. owh there are pretty much around here. It's the same core as the 3800 but i just wanted to be sure. Owh and yes it is an am2 and there are no 939 versions of it.
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