[URGENT] Memory Speed Problem... Need Your Help Please...

Hi all...

Just installed XP on my newly build system and I am having issues with the RAM.

The board is an ASUS P5W-DH (1407 Bios) and currently has four Sticks (4GB) of Kingston HyperX DDR2-800 / PC2-6400 (KHX6400D2K2/2G) RAM on it however, upon checking with CPU-Z and Everest it indicates the RAM is only running at PC2-5300.

Upon POST the bios did detect the 4GB DDR 6400 Dual Channel RAM but after a couple of reboots the POST is now also detecting the RAM as PC2-5300. I tried changing the settings in the BIOS to run in DDR2-800 but still it is the same (or maybe I have did something wrong in the process).

Can anyone here be kind enough to post the complete instructions on how I can correctly change the settings in the BIOS in order for the RAM to run in DDR2-800 mode or any other solution in order to fix this problem?

Thank you in advance! :roll:
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  1. First I think running 32-bit XP can only support 3GB ram max. Try the memory on A1 & B1 for now. Then boot the system - DEL to get in the Bios set up
    - Advanced - JumperFree Config
    AI Overclocking --> Manual
    DRAM Freq. --> DDR2-800MHz

    F10 (exit & save).
    It should read PC2-6400 during boot up

    (That is for Corsair Twin2X2048-6400C4)
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